Who’s ready for MLB Spring Training on the MLB Network?!

I hope you don’t have YouTube TV.

When the clock struck midnight Wednesday morning, the popular streaming service was shutting down MLB Network. Just in time for the pitcher and catcher to report a few weeks later. Talk about great timing!

The service emailed more than 5 million paying customers on Tuesday night, saying it couldn’t come to new agreements to keep the channel, including programs previously recorded on DVRs, and it said Wednesday I have told you that I will remove it from

“We apologize for this news and will continue our dialogue with MLB and advocate on your behalf in hopes of restoring content on YouTube TV,” the service said in an email.

YouTube TV discontinues MLB Network.
MLB Network has been removed from YouTube TV. (Photo by Steve Boyle/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Where else can I get MLB Networks dropped by YouTube TV?

Needless to say, baseball fans weren’t satisfied and a little less excited when they woke up on Wednesday. hot stove.

As a baseball fan whose NFL team was left out for WEEKS, I can confirm that wasn’t the best way to start my day.

yeah it wasn’t good!

Anyway, the controversy is old. We’ve seen it a billion times over the years, and the good news is that these things usually work out naturally. I hope the good deal moves forward.

It’s always about money, folks. I don’t think I’m doing breaking news here.

Either way, it looks like MLB Network cheaters are digging in.

“As Spring Training is about to begin, we regret YouTube TV’s reluctance to negotiate a fair shipping contract,” the network said in a statement. “MLB Network offered terms that matched those that nearly 300 other U.S. providers agreed to deliver.”

The good news, they said, is that MLB Network is still widely available on several other outlets! And of course, they added that complaints should be directed to YouTube TV.

“MLB Network is widely available across the United States including Altice USA (Optimum), AT&T U-verse, Charter Communications (Spectrum), Comcast, Cox Communications, DIRECTV, DIRECTV Stream, DISH, fuboTV, Sling TV, Verizon Fios and others,” the network said in a statement.

“Due to the tremendous demand and value of live baseball content, Major League Baseball’s current and future commitments to the MLB network are stronger than ever, and we are committed to reaching an agreement with YouTube TV as soon as possible.

“To reach out to YouTube TV about MLB Network, viewers can Tweet on YouTube TV via @YouTubeTV and @TeamYouTube.”

For those who don’t want to tweet on YouTube TV accounts run by some of the interns, MLB Network is also available on several other streaming services, including Xfinity Stream, DirecTV Stream’s Choice plan, and sports add-ons by fuboTV and Sling TV. can.


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