Yoga, Boxing Studio Comes to Downtown St. Joseph

Yoga, boxing, and the pursuit of self-actualization will soon come together in a new business opening in downtown St. Joseph later this month.

Clare Morris Ramirez is the owner of Boxing House International at 622 Langley, St. Joseph. She opened a “hot yoga studio” and boxing studio SHALA 606 at 606 Ship Street downtown.

For those unfamiliar with “hot yoga,” Ramirez explains: Hot yoga is for elective classes and will be listed on your calendar. “

Shala 606 is a hybrid hot yoga studio and boxing studio. Ramirez said he offers a variety of yoga classes, from tantra, sculpting, and vinyasa to reiki, he restores, and yin. “We offer boxing classes, boxing conditioning, music and salsa classes. There will be treatment rooms for reiki sessions and in the future acupuncture. Workshops on astrology and health and self-healing. will be

Ramirez continued, “Healing and evolution begins with our own curiosity. I believe in miracles that exist within our own being. The continuous learning, community, and modalities offered at Shala 606 are just some of the ways you can access these miracles.”

“Pursuing excellence within yourself is a collaboration with you, God, and the community that surrounds you. I look forward to creating a supportive community focused on healing and exploration.”

We asked Ramirez how boxing connects to yoga and self-actualization. You can’t lie down in a boxing ring.If you don’t get enough sleep and food, everything will show up in the ring.

Ramirez announced this offer. We operate both locations. “

SHALA 606 is located where Waterfront Framing used to be, with the mission and goal of becoming a healthy space within the community for people to explore self-mastering through self-healing.

Ramirez says weight loss is a side effect, a surface-level desire for many people seeking a physical outlet. We are licensed and train both amateur and professional boxers.

We will provide more information on our website Ramirez can be reached at 269-985-3149.

– From Moody on the Market

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