Anthony Volpe of the New York Yankees and Marcelo Mayer of the Boston Red Sox are headlining the top MLB shortstop candidates for 2023, according to MLB.com’s Sam Dykstra and MLB Pipeline. 1st overall SS outlook, Mayer checks in 2nd.

Anthony Volpe is the most likely to win the AL Rookie of the Year among the shortstop classes. He was also given the top floor. Mayer was listed as the shortstop with the best throwing arm in the 2023 class.

Yankees fans have been hoping for the past few years that the team will pursue a famous shortstop in free agency. High. Volpe’s ETA is 2023 and offers an exciting hit tool. His defense is still going strong, but the Yankees believe he can grow into a star in the future.

Mayer was dropped to the Red Sox with the 4th overall pick in the 2021 MLB Draft. He was expected to be the #1 or #2 pick overall, but ultimately fell to Boston. And if he lives to the limit, Mayer may prove to be an absolute stolen base for the Red Sox, but his MLB ETA is set for his 2024 campaign. increase. Mayer’s chances of making his big-league debut in 2023 are slim. His potential should make him a formidable prospect in potential future deals.

Anthony Volpe and Marcelo Mayer could lead the AL East for years to come. For now, they lead the top of his MLB shortstop contenders for 2023.


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