1) Multiple new positions for top 50 prospects.

NFL.com analyst Daniel Jeremiah sees North Dakota State’s Cody Mouch as a top 50 prospect in the 2023 NFL draft class. However, his move to the next level could involve a change of position.

Mauch, who played almost exclusively left tackle for the Bisons, moved to two different places in this week’s Senior Bowl. In Tuesday’s opening practice, Mauch was primarily at left guard. On Wednesday, Mauch also took snaps at the center. Both locations could be Mauch’s new home in the NFL.

“I can definitely see myself out there.” There’s a lot going on, so I’m excited to get started. Finish it.”

Mauch added, “A lot of teams are like me at guards and we talk a lot about centers as well.” His performance on Wednesday was overall better than what Mauch did the day before, showing that he can quickly improve after moving to the inside.

2) Two injuries for the national team.

The national team’s two key players missed Wednesday’s practice after impressing on Tuesday.

Ohio State offensive tackle Dawand Jones (6 lbs 8 lbs, 375 lbs), the biggest player in the Senior Bowl, is out of shape and his condition for the rest of the week is undetermined, according to an NFL Network insider. Tom Pelissero reported. Watching Wednesday practice live on NFL+.

Texas running back Roshon Johnson suffered broken hand According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, early in Tuesday’s practice. It is highly likely that I will not be able to participate in the week.”

3) Stanford University’s Kyu Blu Kelly issued a statement on Wednesday.

One of Wednesday’s varsity standouts was Kelly, the 6-foot, 193-pound cornerback, son of former Buccaneers CB Brian Kelly, who played for Tampa Bay from 1998 to 2007.

The Cardinals’ Kerry has been everywhere in team practices, breaking at least three passes, intercepting passes, stealing passes from former Stanford teammate and receiver Elijah Higgins, and undoing passes. bottom. Pick Six.

“I just got in there and tore it up,” Kelly said. “If I get the chance, I’ll play.”

This was a big play for a prospect with only three career interceptions that opposing teams often avoided pitching in past seasons.

“Twenty-five. I kept counting. It wasn’t hard,” Kelly said as he counted the number of times he was targeted in 10 games in 2022.

Higgins said Kelly’s “predictive skills” are his greatest trait.

“I saw it in practice every day,” Higgins said. “He had more than three picks there.”

As a bonus, Kelly hooked an off-target throw while standing on the sidelines. He held the helmet with one hand and did it with the other.

“I want scouts to know that I have hands and that I’m a playmaker,” Kelly said.

Dad was impressed. Elder Kelly, who was watching in the stands, said his son was “better than me in every way. He’s faster than me, he’s taller, he’s smarter than me. I’m just proud.” .

4) Fresno State’s Jake Hener could emerge from the QB harvest.

It’s not an exceptional year for quarterbacks in the Senior Bowl, but there’s little to lose at this position. In the throngs of quarterbacks that range from Day 3 prospects to priorities he’s free his agent, Haener may be the number one among them. He has a solid practice streak now and has shown this week the ability to play decent precision and out of structure in unfamiliar surroundings.

The Bulldogs quarterback returned from an ankle injury to lead Fresno State to a Mountain West title and had a successful career with 2,896 yards, 20 TDs and just 3 picks despite missing four games. finished.

Höhner luckily missed no more. Doctors initially told him it was a 10- to 12-week injury and may have ended his season. The Bulldogs didn’t lose a single game after his return.

Was he worried he could do more damage to his ankles ahead of the pre-draft season?

“I don’t play with fear,” said Hener. “As you know, I try to perform and play at a high level and do everything I can to help my team win, but because of that sometimes I play with a different perspective and think about myself. I think we were able to get the ball out of our hands” faster and more efficiently. ”

5) Tulane’s Tyjae Spears looks sharp as a receiver.

It’s going to be tough to slow down Spears’ hype train this week.

The Tulane running back was one of the early stars of the Senior Bowl and has been impressive for two straight days. On Wednesday, Spears made some spectacular plays.

He slipped on a run play while working 9-for-7 and looked like he was going down in vain, but regained his balance, shifted his weight and picked up yardage. He stood tall and grabbed a long touchdown run late in the session.

Spears looks fast at 204 pounds (he said after playing at 190 last season) and catches the ball well.

At Tulane, Spears was often retrofitted as a receiving option, catching only 28 passes in his first 22 games in college. In his two games last season, against Southern Mississippi and Houston, Spears caught a glimpse of that ability as he caught 159 yards and a TD on 11 total passes.

Spears said Wednesday that he never asked his Green Wave coach for a chance as a receiver. why? Because he said it’s not his job to decide how to play offense.

“I didn’t try to put myself in a coaching position because there are so many things that have to be put into the equation,” Spears said. “You can’t go to[them]and say, ‘Hey, use me[as a receiver]outside the backfield. I’m not that player. I’ll make you understand that.’ I don’t know.”

The coach of the American team seems to have figured it out. Expect more chances for Spears to catch the ball as the week continues.


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