World Boxing Council Creates Transgender Category

The World Boxing Council, one of the sport’s four governing bodies, will introduce a transgender category starting this year, president Mauricio Sulaiman said.

The WBC is trying to create leagues and tournaments, but the title belt may not be on the line. According to The Telegraph, the WBC wants to eliminate the “man-fight-woman” scenario.

The “Birth Rule” is used. That is, a transgender boxer who is registered as male at birth is allowed to fight other people who are registered as male at birth, and a transgender boxer who is registered as female at birth is allowed to fight other people. allowed to fight. A person who is registered as female at birth.

“The World Boxing Council, through its medical and technical committees, reached the decision after research and key talks at the WBC annual convention on their current genders,” Sulaiman told ESPN. “That is the main decision not to allow fights between men and women for the protection that we have always defended women’s boxing.”

The WBC president said the process of identifying those who could compete in the transgender category would begin soon.

FINA, the governing body of world swimming, plans to create an “open category” and has established a working group for it.
Football governing body FIFA and World Athletics said they would review their transgender policies after it emerged FINA was considering creating an “open category”.

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