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BRONX, NY – Fordham (10-5, 2-0) will try to keep up the New Year’s momentum with their first outing of 2023. Also Wednesday at noon on ESPN+.

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Ramses Challenge

Join the Ramses Challenge, a new philanthropic initiative that supports student-athletes! Pledge, steal, or give the program a one-time gift this year for a certain amount of money for every 3-point. All proceeds are tax deductible and donated directly to Fordham Women’s Basketball. Please check this out for details. So far, the Rams have made her 122 makes her threes and she has a whopping 130 steals. Thank you for your continued support!

Last timeout

Talk about a photo finish — Fordham beat VCU 60-59 at the last minute on Wednesday thanks to Jennifer Eze’s waving bucket of despair. Asia Dingle One up the Rams with a silky-smooth layup in traffic after a quick dump-off from Kaitlyn Downey Out of inbound range. VCU led most of the game as the hosts got off to a slow start, but Fordham continued to chip away throughout and eventually took their first lead late in the third quarter. The Rams trailed him by seven points midway through the fourth round, but VCU fought back to tie the game. The visitors got ahead with a putback layup as the teams traded free throws. Kaitlyn Downey Coming up with a crucial offensive rebound with nine seconds to play, leading to timeouts and the aforementioned Dingle Bucket.

Dingle had a game-high 23 points on 9-of-21 shooting, 3-of-7 from deep, five rebounds, two assists and one block, leading his team to victory in the first game. It played a role in keeping me in the game. half. Anna DeWolfe Downey scored 12 of 16 points in the second half, sinking 4/5 shots in the final 20 minutes, but Downey dropped a double-double just one board shy. from the bench, Jada Dapper Recorded 6 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks.

Series history

The Flyers have held a 27-8 series advantage since the Rams joined the A-10 in 1995-96. At home he’s 4-13, but only at UD Arena he’s 1-13, but the Rams won his 2014 title in his fifth game, including his A-10 championship. Shipp has beaten Dayton in four of his meetings. Most recently, Dayton won both contests last year with 5 points total in Ohio where he was 52-48 and in the Bronx where he was 48-47. In those games Anna DeWolfe The only Ram to average over 8 points a game, scoring 17.5 points, Asia Dingle Recorded 7.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.0 assists. The team really struggled with an overall shooting percentage of 28.8% for him, 21.8% for him from distance and just 45.8% for him on the line.

Nationwide (as of 1/6)

Fordham have been playing at a much faster tempo this season, averaging 73.2 points per game and ranking 69th in the nation. Offensively he has 1.17 assists/turnovers. His ratio is second in the Atlantic 10 and he is 33rd in the nation. Due to the team’s recent long-range slump, the offense dropped from his 12th place to 41st, where he was 8.1 per game, and the percentage went from 48th to 77th, where he currently ranks. is 34.1%. The Rams have his 55th-most assists per game (16.1), while his turnovers per game are just 13.8, placing him 42nd in the rankings and steals per game in the nation. He is the 138th highest (8.7). The offense also has the eighth-best percentage of free throws (79.3%), despite making the 339th-fewer attempts (11.6).

personally, Asia Dingle 16th in steals per game, 22nd in field goals, and 24th in points per game. Kaitlyn Downey 8th in defensive rebounds per game, 42nd in total boards per game, and 19th in double-doubles. Anna DeWolfe They are 62nd in points per game, 40th in total threes, 30th in field goals, 62nd in threes per game, and 45th in minutes per game.

Triple D – Dewolf, Dingle, Downey

Close the front door! Fordham’s trio is dangerous, righteous, dynamite and, perhaps most importantly, bomb dot com.All three earned Atlantic 10 All-Conference honors, and last season he was at least one. Awarded his A-10 Player of the Week. Together, they accounted for 66.1% of the team’s scoring on 40.2% total shooting overall. they are real. Through his three games so far, those numbers have been similar, with him scoring 66.9% on 43.3% shooting. For starter context, this whole blurb is Guy Fieri’s ode to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

3 people who earned 1,000 points

In her tough turnaround second quarter jumper at Princeton, Kaitlyn Downey Achieved 1000 points for the 25th person in the history of the program. Ranked 20th with 1,138 points Asia Dingle (1,737 in 3 schools and 5 seasons) and Anna DeWolfe (1,556 – fifth most in school history). Nationally, the Rams are one of 11 schools with three active student-athletes with her 1,000 career points, but the only middle school. Virginia Tech has four.

Where do the 2022-23 Rams stand in program history?

Fordham have played at a much faster tempo this season, exemplifying their 73.2 points per game average (69th in the nation). In fact, this would tie his historic 1978-79 team show record. As a result, with 15 or so more games remaining in the schedule, this team is certainly in jeopardy of his goal-scoring record on the field both inside and outside the arc, with his current 79.3% free-throw percentage for the team. His clip is their 1.17 assists/turnover rate.

Asiah and Co. Steal the Show

you thought Asia Dingle 5 steals in the season opener were just a handful? She doubled it with a program-record 10 against St. Peters, recording ninth and tenth consecutive possessions in the third quarter. Her best record so far is 6, which she has achieved several times in her career, including once at Fordham. The previous school record was eight, by four student-athletes she had done five times, but not since Lauren Fleischer in 2001. .

Have you experienced it?

Fordham’s current starting line-up has played a whopping 488 career games this season. Virginia Tech (431st), Oklahoma (427th) and UT Arlington (402nd, if JUCO is included, he is 444th) followed.Fordham now plays up to 563 games in his first five due to alumni transfers Jada Dapper Add 102 from the bench.

Captain +1

5th grade Kaitlyn Downey When Megan Jonathanplus senior Anna DeWolfe, was the team captain last year.They will do so again this year and a new addition Jada DapperIt was Downey’s fourth year as captain, following JJ Ladis’ three years, DeWolf’s three years, and Jonathan’s two years in program history.


The Rams will be home to host Duquesne next Saturday at 2pm.


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