Long Beach Wilson Athletics’ The562 reports, Joel Bitonio, Class of 2009.

The562’s coverage of Long Beach Poly Athletics for the 2022-23 school year is sponsored by Poly Alum Jayon Brown and PlayFair Sports Management.

The562 coverage of the Long Beach Poly Athletics for the 2022-23 school year, JuJu Smith-Schuster and the JuJu Foundation.

This year’s Moore League men’s football race is so tense that the championship and playoff scenarios are very complicated. But on Monday night, things were pretty simple for Wilson. Because he visited Poly for the big game for the Bruins to open the final week of league play against their rivals. Win and survive or lose and end the season.

The Bruins played as if their season was in jeopardy against the Jackrabbits, winning an impressive 2-1.

Wilson’s coach, CJ Brewer, said, “I challenged them and they responded and played for their lives.” “We knew they would have this all year round. This is a big step in the right direction.”

This win means Wilson’s playoff path is pretty straight forward. A win over Compton on Wednesday would guarantee Moore a place in the playoffs as the fourth seed in his league. This is not the expected result, as the Bruins lost to Compton in the opening round. But it’s a simple road, a road they can walk, and the math is simple, even for Poly. To enter the postseason, they must win or draw against the highly talented Lakewood team on Wednesday.

“We are upset about this result,” Poly coach Eric Leon said. “It’s an emotional game when you play with them and sometimes you forget your DNA. It’s just about being and figuring it out in the next two days.”

Lucca Pires scored goals in the 6th and 54th minutes to lead his side to victory.

“It was win or go home for us,” he said. I participated with the spirit that I must win. I have no excuses.”

The Bruins put on a desperate play, with Pires giving his team an early 1-0 lead. Jack Rabbids struck back in the 50th minute on location with Alvarez smoothing his penalty. This was the only ball that Bruins keeper Gavin Poole Harris took all night.

Pires and the Bruins quickly responded, however, and Pires’ second goal retook the lead, 2–1.

“When they got what I was looking around they were like, ‘Let’s go head up, we have half an hour, we can do this, let’s keep the energy up.’ .

Pires has been playing at defensive center midseason, but Brewer has allowed assistant coach Doug Fatone to make a shift in strategy.

“I know he can do really well. “But we knew it wouldn’t be a tie. We had to play to win. So we had less defenders behind us, we threw home at them and put Lucca there. And Lucca. said what Doug said he would do, and finished.

Polly then had chances, but Pires’ braces got him up and gave Wilson a W, so Poole Harris calmly dismissed them for a decisive win.

Both teams are now in a similar situation. You’ll either win on Wednesday and make it through, or hope for the best from another result.


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