With two weeks left in the NFL regular season, the MVP race is heading for a very tough finish.

Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow and Josh Allen continue to rank among the leading contenders to win the NFL’s most prestigious individual award. However, some are worth considering despite their low win rate.

Heading into Week 17, BetMGM expects Mahomes to take the prize at odds of -500. Barrow at odds of +600 he trails, Hearts his 3rd (+900) and Allen his 4th (+1,000).

We have categorized each of the major candidates. Why do they deserve to win and why don’t they?



2022 NFL MVP odds: Barrow jumps to No. 2.Mahomes takes a big lead

pack leader

Why he deserves it: Mahomes, the frontrunner to win MVP (for the second time in his young career), is looking to challenge Peyton Manning’s one-season passing record of 5,477 yards. In addition to being the third quarterback in multiple 5,000-yard seasons to join Tom Brady and Drew Brees, Mahomes threw just 11 interceptions and had a passing touchdown (37). times) leading the NFL. And he’s doing it all without a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver. Mahomes accepted the challenge to improve his game this season, and now Kansas City (12-3) is in contention for his top seed in the AFC.

Reasons why he might not win: He accomplished so much in such a short time that Mahomes’ greatness seems to be taken for granted. Meanwhile, a dramatic improvement in Hearts and heroism from Allen, who has barely worked with star power outside of Stephon Diggs, could reduce Mahomes’ chances of winning.

Why he deserves it: After being 0-2 and fearing a possible Super Bowl return for the Bengals, Barrow led the team to 11-4 in a seven-game winning streak. The third-year pro has topped his mark with 4,000 passing yards in his second straight season and is on pace to set career highs in yards and touchdowns. Cincinnati has a weak offensive line and Barrow is finding success despite an important offensive injury to his cornerstone. Burrow surpassed Mahomes with his 27-24 win for the Bengals earlier this month, and Allen and the Bills could also be on top on Monday.

Reasons why he might not win: Because Mahomes and Allen, quarterbacks for the AFC’s top two teams, are in the spotlight, doing more with less. Or because voters see Hart’s growth as a more impressive feat.

Why he deserves it: Hearts made a significant performance leap in 2021-2022, posting career numbers in virtually every major statistical category (passing and rushing) this season. The Hearts lead the league in touchdown-to-interception ratio (22-to-5), and his 13 rushing touchdowns were dwarfed by Derrick, who returned his Henry in second with the Titans. lining up. The third-year pro is also on pace to break Cam Newton’s one-season rushing touchdown record for quarterbacks (14).Most importantly: With a 13-2 record, the Hearts and Eagles are his best in the NFL. have a record

Reasons why he might not win: Hearts have had an impressive season, but there’s a lot of talent around him. The Eagles boast one of the best offensive lines in football and the Hearts are throwing to his two very dynamic wide receivers in AJ Brown and Devonta Smith, making him the most dominant defense in the game. with the support of one of his. So it’s not that Hearts is useless.

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills QB

Why he deserves it: The Bills hold the best record in the AFC, so Allen, like Mahomes, is called upon to work miracles every week. Not only has Allen topped his mark for 4,000 passing yards in his third straight season, but he has also scored over 30 touchdowns. Allen’s heavy workload also includes carrying the ball. At times, he was Buffalo’s most consistent rusher, with his 746 rushing yards eclipsing Devin’s single tally 790 yards and Allen’s 7 rushing touchdowns leading the Bills. With Allen out of this team, Buffalo will struggle to reach his eight wins.

Why he might not: Allen beat Mahomes directly this regular season, but lost back-to-back to the Jets and Vikings while throwing four interceptions. After that, he briefly struggled to regain his dominant form, costing him in the eyes of the NFL’s talent evaluators.

Overlooked Candidates

Why he deserves it: The third-year pro is one of the most dangerous players in the NFL. Jefferson leads the league in targets (174), receptions (123), receiving yards (1,756) and first-down catches (77) for the Vikings team, which owns the NFC’s No. 2 seed with a 12-3 record. increase. Jefferson also has the potential to break Calvin Johnson’s season receiving record of 1,964 his yards.

Why he might not: He’s not a quarterback, and it’s the first time in 10 years that a player at a different position won MVP. Adrian Peterson won the championship in 2012 after rushing for his 2,097 yards with none other than the Vikings.

Why he deserves it: The fastest man in the NFL went from Kansas City to Miami, the best young quarterback in the game and one of the most questionable passers in the league. His arrival actually helped turn Tua Tagovailoa into a capable starter and the Dolphins into playoff contenders. His 113 receptions, 158 targets, 1,632 his yards received, and 72 first downs his grabs rank him second only to Jefferson.

Why he might not: The same quarterback affinities that likely prevent Jefferson from winning MVP also apply to Hill.

Why he deserves it: Cousins’ critics smack him for his limited clutch genes, but he’s led a career-high seven fourth-quarter comebacks or game-winning drives this season. ‘s 4,117 passing yards ranks fifth in the NFL, and his 27 passing touchdowns tie for fourth most. Cousins ​​has Jefferson, but otherwise uses resources that multiple rival talent evaluators classify as inferior to the rest of the leading quarterback supporting cast.

Why he might not: Cousins ​​is 12-3 under first-year head coach Kevin O’Connell, with impressive wins against the Bills and Dolphins, and a historic comeback against Indianapolis. Still, heavy losses to Philadelphia and Dallas and an upset loss to Detroit have led to occasional contradictions, so it’s still hard to believe Cousins ​​and the Vikings entirely. I had a hard time.

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