Besides Carlos Correa — He’s reportedly focused on completing a contract with the Mets — Three of MLBTR’s top 50 free agents remain without a contract only. He is the only hitter in the group. Jurickson Profer It’s surprisingly quiet.

The nine-year MLB veteran had a solid run with the Padres in 2022, batting .243/.331/.391 in 658 plate appearances with 15 home runs. The 29-year-old, who made it his second above-average offensive his season in the past three years, accepted a $1 million buyout in exchange for returning to San Diego on a $7.5 million salary, freeing him. I made the easy decision to become an agent.

But for almost two months, there was little sign of his next landing site.The Astros have been the only team effectively tied to Proffer this winter, and that was before he re-signed. Michael Brantley spend time with Jordan Alvarez Between left fielder and designated hitter.

There are only speculative possibilities left for narrowing down the profer landing sites. Profer has been largely confined to left field in recent years after entering the majors as an infielder, so it’s worth looking at the club that produced the worst out of the position. Here are the bottom 10 teams in wRC+ from left field in 2022:

  • Ranger (47)
  • angel (67)
  • Marlins (81)
  • Tigers (88)
  • Red Sox (91)
  • Mr. A (94)
  • Reds (95)
  • pirates (97)
  • Braves (97)
  • Twins (98)

Some of these clubs are already working on this issue.Traded Halo hunter renfrowhile the Red Sox signed Masataka Yoshida on a 5 year contract.Signed by the Twins Joey Gallo And it looks like they’re more likely to trade outfielders than sign another outfielder.

Several others are in the process of rebuilding, or at least headed for transition. That doesn’t inherently rule out proffers who are still quite young and may sign multi-year contracts. Still, anyone in that group could mitigate the urgency of trying to fill every hole in the roster via free agency.Let’s take a look at his three remaining clubs in that group.

  • Rangers: Texas has had two stormy offseasons in a row, but this time it’s the pitching staff. They added four starting pitchers as part of an effort to jump into postseason contention. It is already on record about the desire to Bubba Thompson and infield/outfield hybrid Brad Miller, Josh Smith When Ezekiel Durand Heading for internal options. It remains to be seen if Texas will return to Profar, but it has never lived up to the lofty expectations I had as a prospective customer with the Rangers’ farm system.
  • Marlins: The Marlins haven’t mentioned the outfield this winter, but they added. Abyssail Garcia When Jorge Soler On a multi-year deal in the last offseason. Moving Soller into a more or less routine designated hitter role could have allowed them to fit the proffer, but a separate free-agent deal for the corner outfielder might be too expensive for their tastes. This is because of the in-house young outfielders (i.e. Jesus Sanchez, Brian De La Cruz, JJ Buday) has a better profile in corners than in center field.
  • Braves: Atlanta threw a few darts in left field this offseason.they have earned Sam Hilliard When Eli White With Minor Transactions Under Signature Jordan Luplow to a modest one-year contract. While he shouldn’t get in the way of an impactful left fielder, Profar is more of a solid stabilization veteran than a lineup-changing player.Between a new pickup and a trio of in-house contenders Marcel Ozuna When Eddie RosarioAtlanta might feel they would find at least one player in their group who could reasonably approximate Profher’s work.

Beyond that trio squad, a few teams stand out as much as possible.of Mariners I’ve been looking for a way to deal with left field. As in Atlanta, the company has a jumble of potential candidates (Jared Kelenic, Taylor Trammell, Sam Hagerty When Dylan Moore Among them), if you don’t land more obvious upgrades via trades, you might feel better patching things together. Seattle also has some questions about its remaining spending capacity .of Yankees Not attacking left field after losing Andrew Benintendi at free agency. Oswald Cabrera When Aaron Hicks It’s an in-house favorite for playtime.

of royals There is little certainty of either corner outfielder. nationals Rebuilding, but Talk Nats Blog murmured A few weeks ago they were asking for outfield help.incumbent Padres It still makes sense. San Diego’s president of baseball operations, AJ Preller, has made no secret of his long-standing affinity for proffers, dating back to his overlapping time with the Texas organization. Fernando Tatis Jr. Once he returns from a performance-enhancing drug hiatus, he will likely be ticketed as a left fielder, though adding another bat to the corner outfield/designated hitter mix could free him up. be Matt Carpenter For more multi-position work away from the bench.

What does MLBTR’s readership think Profar is best suited for? Where is he going?

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