March 4th will be a historic moment in crossover boxing.

Two teams, Los Pineda Coladas and The Fantastic 2, will compete for the glory of what will be a historic night.

However, since this is a new match format, many fans are wondering what the rules will be.

DAZN categorizes them as follows:

1. Team

1.1. A tag team match consists of two teams of two boxers.

1.2. During a tag team match, one member of each team shall participate in the match according to the Boxing Rules (“Fighter”).

1.3. A member of each team not participating in a tag team match (a “substitute”) shall stand on the apron outside the ropes of the ring and behind the team’s corner.

1.4. Each team shall be free to decide which members of the team will be fighters at the start of each round of tag team competition.

1.5. Alternates may not enter the ring unless tagged by a fighter according to Clause 2.

1.6. Substitutes must always comply with the instructions of the local commission and referee for tag team matches. This may mean standing off the apron of the ring.

2. Tagging

2.1. During a period of inactivity during a Tag Team Bout, the tag is initiated when a fighter lifts either glove and holds it straight in the air.

2.2. Once the player has the glove in the air, he or she is free to go into a corner and at some point the player becomes a player, the player becomes a player, and vice versa, at which point the player can touch the glove with the player (“Tag ”).

2.3. During tag, the opponent must stand in a neutral corner until told by the referee to continue the tag team match. Opponents cannot tag substitutes while tagging other teams.

2.4. If the replacement does not wish to be tagged, the fighter must continue the tag team match.

2.5. A fighter may not attempt to tag while engaging an opponent. For the avoidance of doubt, tagging may only be done during periods of inactivity, such as after the referee has released a crunch.

2.6. If an opponent attempts to continue a tag team match during a tag team, that team will be disqualified from the tag team match.

2.7. There is no limit to the number of tags that can occur during a match.

2.8. No teaming is allowed during the referee’s count after a knockdown.

3. Win the game

3.1. A team wins a Tag Team Bout as if there were only two members in the Tag Team Bout according to boxing rules.

3.2. For the avoidance of doubt:

  • The scorecard is calculated based on the boxer’s performance in the ring as if both team members were one person.
  • If a member of a team is knocked out, or if a technical knockout is ruled by the referee, the other team shall win the Tag Team Bout.

Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2 match dates, start times

  • date: Saturday, March 4
  • time: 7pm GMT (8pm BST) / 2pm ET
  • Fight ring walk (approximate): to be decided

The event is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM GMT (8:00 PM BST) / 2:00 PM ET, but the ringwalk for this particular fight has yet to be announced. Timing may change due to the length of the undercard.

Can I watch Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2 on DAZN?

The card will be streamed live on DAZN in over 200 countries around the world. You can sign up for a subscription here. However, if you live in Argentina, Chile, or Colombia, you’ll need to download his DAZN app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play store instead of your web browser and sign up from there.

What devices does DAZN support?

DAZN is available in web browsers at DAZN.com (excluding Argentina, Chile and Colombia). We also have apps available for all of the following TVs and streaming devices:

mobile device TVs and streaming devices game machine
iphone, ipad amazon fire tv PlayStation 4
Android phones, tablets Amazon Fire TV Stick PlayStation 5
Amazon fire tablet Android TV XBox One
apple tv XBox Series X | S
google chromecast
LG Smart TV, Smartcast
panasonic smart tv
samsung smart tv
sony smart tv

Where is the Los Pineda Coladas vs. The Fantastic 2 fight?

The match will take place at the Telford International Centre, England.

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