The Stakes are High in Week 13

As the NFL season winds down, the intensity of the games ramps up, and every win carries the weight of playoff hopes and dreams. This Thursday, November 30, we’re in for a thrilling matchup as the Dallas Cowboys (8-3), riding high on a winning streak, take on the resilient Seattle Seahawks (6-5) in a clash that could shape their playoff destinies. The Cowboys, fueled by Dak Prescott’s dynamic passing attack and a stout defense, aim to extend their winning streak and solidify their position as a contender. The Seahawks, despite their recent struggles, are determined to regain their footing and prove their mettle in this high-stakes showdown.

Cowboys Riding High on Winning Streak

The Dallas Cowboys are currently on a roll, having won their last three games in convincing fashion. Their high-powered offense, led by quarterback Dak Prescott, is averaging a staggering 34.3 points per game. The Cowboys’ defense has also been performing at an elite level, allowing just 20.7 points per game.

Seahawks Struggling to Find Consistency

In contrast, the Seattle Seahawks have been struggling to find consistency this season. They have won their last three games, but they have also lost four of their last five. Their offense has been inconsistent, and their defense has been prone to giving up big plays.

Head-to-Head History

The Seahawks and Cowboys have a long and storied rivalry. They have met 32 times, with the Cowboys holding a slight edge with 17 wins to 15. The Cowboys have also won the last two meetings between the two teams.

Key Matchups

There will be several key matchups to watch in this game. On offense, the Cowboys’ passing attack will face off against the Seahawks’ secondary. On defense, the Cowboys’ front seven will try to pressure Seahawks’ quarterback Geno Smith.

Special Teams

Special teams could also play a significant role in this game. Both teams have reliable kickers, so any field goal or extra point could be crucial. Additionally, both teams have the potential to make big plays in the punting and return games.

Injury Report

Both teams are relatively healthy heading into this game. The Cowboys have Donovan Wilson listed as doubtful, while the Seahawks have Kenneth Walker III and Travis Homer listed as questionable.

Coaching Strategies

The coaching matchup will also be intriguing. Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy is known for his offensive acumen, while Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll is known for his aggressive defensive schemes.

Game Plan

The Cowboys will likely continue to rely on their high-powered passing offense. They will also try to pressure the Seahawks’ quarterback and force turnovers. The Seahawks will likely focus on running the ball and controlling the clock. They will also try to take advantage of the Cowboys’ weaknesses in the passing game.

External Factors

  • The game will be played indoors at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, so the weather will not be a factor.
  • The Cowboys have a strong home-field advantage, winning 13 consecutive games at AT&T Stadium.
  • The Cowboys’ fans will be a huge factor in this game. AT&T Stadium is known for its loud and passionate fan base.

AI Prediction

Our AI betting models are predicting that the Cowboys will win the game by a touchdown or more. This is due to the Cowboys’ overall strength, their recent momentum, and their home-field advantage.

I would recommend picking Over for this game. The combined projected point total for both teams is 54, which is well above the over/under line of 47.5.

Here is a breakdown of the projected point totals for each team:

Teams Projected Points
Dallas Cowboys 31.5
Seattle Seahawks 22.5

As you can see, the Cowboys are projected to score over 30 points, and even if the Seahawks can hold them to that number, the Cowboys’ offense is still capable of putting up enough points to push the total over the 47.5 mark.

Market Trends

The betting line has moved from Cowboys -7 to Cowboys -9 since opening. This indicates that more bettors are picking the Cowboys to win.


We anticipate that the Cowboys will continue to dominate the game, capitalizing on the Seahawks’ inconsistencies and emerging victorious with a convincing margin. The Cowboys’ well-oiled offense, led by Dak Prescott’s pinpoint passing and a diverse group of playmakers, is poised to overwhelm the Seahawks’ defense.