Glausbeck message to Brad Stevens ahead of trade deadline

Wyc Grousbeck is all-in for the 2022-23 Boston Celtics.

C’s owner made the announcement to Brad Stevens, President of Basketball Operations.Appearing on Saturday Celtics pregame liveGrousbeck revealed his “instructions” to Stevens as the NBA’s trade deadline loomed.

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“The conversation I had with Brad was this year,” Grausbeck said. “It’s not like, ‘This is he’ll pay dividends in three years’ or ‘This is what he’ll do next year.’ Let’s put on some muscle this year and get the job done.

“That’s his directive and that’s what we’re going to do. If there’s something to do, we’ll do it. If not, we love this team.” We’re at the top of the league now.”

Grausbeck’s green light opens the door for a move (or multiple moves) in the next few weeks if Stevens deems it necessary. Earlier Saturday, Stevens shared his thoughts on the looming trade deadline.

“I think we always have to think about how we can improve, because I think we are doing well. I think it will be difficult to win, but there are other teams like that.” he said. “So anything that can be done to improve opportunities needs to be really scrutinized and examined.”

Boston currently holds the best league record of 35-15, but there is room for improvement. With Sam Houser struggling and Danilo Gallinari continuing to recover from a preseason ACL tear, Stevens could add a second unit of sharpshooters. Given Al Horford’s age, adding frontcourt depth could also be a priority.

The 2023 NBA trade deadline is set for Thursday, February 9th.

You can watch the full story of Grausbeck’s ‘Celtics Pregame Live’ below.


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