An exciting high school basketball game in the northern suburbs of Chicago on Tuesday turned into a terrifying and frantic scene after reports of shootings drew out a massive police presence and caused confusion among parents and players.

Officials said the incident occurred in the parking lot of Zion Benton Township High School during the Zion vs. Waukegan basketball game on Tuesday night.

“Zion Police respond to ZBTHS and are at the scene of a shooting that occurred in a parking lot outside the school during a Zion vs. Wakigan basketball game,” a 10:16 p.m. Facebook post from Zion Police read. is. “We got a call about the shooting that was fired and we arrived quickly because police officers were nearby on patrol. .”

“There were no active shooters, two vehicles were damaged as a result, and the perpetrators fled,” the statement continued. “Detectives and police are investigating at the scene.”

In an email to NBC 5, one parent said the chaos began near the end of a crowded basketball game.

“I attended the Zion vs. Wakigan game with my daughters. It was a really exciting match,” the email reads. “From neck to neck. After the game, I waited for the crowd to calm down before leaving.”

“As we left the gym and headed for the exit door, things got chaotic. People started screaming and running in all directions.”

In a statement posted on social media and emailed to parents, administrators at Zion Benton Township High School acknowledged the incident and said they would “increase police presence” as a precautionary measure to prevent “lesson classes” on Wednesday. “As always, the safety of our school community is our top priority, so we take all matters seriously,” the statement continued.

The school issued a statement that “no one was injured.”

The incident is under investigation, according to Zion Police. No further details were immediately available.


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