2023 NBA Draft prospect Victor Wenbanyama continued to showcase his generational talent at Thursday’s French League All-Star Game.

The 18-year-old had 27 points, 12 rebounds and four assists, making him the youngest MVP in the history of the game. Wenbanyama also led the All-Star team to a 136-128 victory over the All-Star World team.

As he did throughout the fall, the 7-foot-3 center made several highlight plays that swept social media.

Early in the game, Wenbanyama grabbed a rebound from the defensive side of the floor and cut through two defenders in transition to create an open lane for a slam dunk.

Late in the first half, Wenbanyama grabbed an offensive rebound near the free-throw line and easily returned the jumper from one foot.

In the opening minutes of the second half, Wenbanyama displayed his passing skills, assisting his teammate with a back pass that led to a wide-open 3-pointer.

Wenbanyama also threw an All-Star worthy dunk and landed a Windmill slam on fast break in the fourth quarter.

Late in the game, Wembaniyama ran the baseline and beat an opposing defender on the perimeter before making an up-an-under layup.

During halftime, Eve Pones dunked on Wenbanyama, helping him win the dunk contest.

All in all, Wenbanyama put on a show for the French people. Soon, he’ll be doing the same in the mainland United States as he’s projected to be the No. 1 pick in his 2023 NBA Draft.

Wenbanyama has been named as the greatest draft prospect in NBA history, compared to LeBron James, Zion Williamson and Shaquille O’Neal. As such, it is believed that multiple teams will attempt to position themselves to win the draft lottery in May to earn the right to select him in June.

Going into Friday, the Detroit Pistons hold the league’s worst record, while the Charlotte Hornets and Houston Rockets round out the bottom three.

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