Longtime third baseman Evan Longoria reportedly wanted to play for the contenders when he was in his 16th season in Major League Baseball.

Veterans don’t get that chance, but they probably get the next best thing.

Longoria lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. stay close to home The New York Post’s Jon Heyman reported on Friday after signing a one-year deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.Longoria’s deal, including a $1 million incentive, is a meager deal, according to Nick Piercolo of the Arizona Republic. Worth $4 million.

At 37, Longoria is nowhere near as good as he is, but he’s still a useful right-hander and could bring a lot of experience to a young Diamondbacks team. 500 in each of the last three seasons, including his deplorable 52-110 mark in 2021.

After being a three-time All-Star with the Tampa Bay Rays early in his career, Longoria took a step back in five seasons with the San Francisco Giants. Longoria appeared in just 89 games last season, batting . 244 with 14 homers and 42 RBIs.

If Longoria can stay healthy, there could be something left in the tank that could help the Diamondbacks. I recorded a round tripper.

There may be some pop left in Longoria’s bat as Arizona moves up the gauntlet that is the National League West.

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