The upcoming Conference USA Championship game featuring New Mexico State and Liberty is more than just a clash of two college football teams; it’s a narrative of underdogs, trends, and statistical surprises. With Liberty entering as a -11 favorite and a total set at 57.5, the betting world is abuzz. However, a deeper dive into the stats and trends suggests that the best value bet might be New Mexico State +11. Let’s explore why.

Analyzing New Mexico State’s Surge

Recent Form: New Mexico State has been on an impressive run. Over the past 30 days, their performance has been nothing short of remarkable. They’ve shown resilience and tenacity, especially in games where they entered as underdogs. This includes notable wins over teams like Western Kentucky, Auburn, and Jacksonville State. Their ability to consistently outperform expectations is a key indicator of their potential in the upcoming game.

ATS Excellence: The Aggies have an exceptional record against the spread (ATS) this season, going 11-2 overall and 6-1 as underdogs. This demonstrates their consistent ability to perform above market expectations, a critical factor for bettors seeking value.

Defensive Prowess: New Mexico State’s defense has been a cornerstone of their success. Allowing just 19.7 points per game, they’ve shown they can contain their opponents’ scoring, crucial in keeping games close and covering spreads.

Liberty’s Double-Digit Favorite Struggle

Libery vs NM State college football game 2023ATS Challenges as Heavy Favorites: While Liberty has had a strong season overall, their record as a double-digit favorite tells a different story. They are 3-10 ATS as double-digit favorites since 2022. This struggle to cover large spreads suggests that they might not be as dominant as the -11 line implies against a resilient New Mexico State team.

Offensive Dependency on Rushing: Liberty’s offensive strength lies in their rushing game. However, New Mexico State’s defense has shown they can effectively contain strong running games, allowing just 126.6 rushing yards per game. This could neutralize one of Liberty’s key advantages.

Underdog Mentality and Under Trends

Thriving as Underdogs: New Mexico State’s recent history as successful underdogs adds an emotional and psychological dimension to the analysis. Teams that consistently outperform as underdogs often possess a gritty, resilient mentality that can be crucial in close games.

Trend Towards the Under: The total points trend for New Mexico State leans towards lower-scoring games, with 9 of their 13 games this season going under the total points line. This aligns with the idea of a defensively strong game and supports the under bet.

Predictive Analysis and Final Score Projection

Using a blend of statistical analysis and recent trends, a predictive model suggests a closer game than the spread indicates. Factoring in both teams’ strengths and weaknesses, a projected final score could be Liberty 28, New Mexico State 21. This scoreline supports New Mexico State covering the +11 spread.

The Best Pick: New Mexico State +11

Based on the above analysis, the best value bet for this game seems to be New Mexico State +11. Their record against the spread, particularly as underdogs, combined with Liberty’s struggles as a large favorite, positions New Mexico State favorably to cover. Additionally, the defensive capabilities of New Mexico State and the trend of their games going under suggest a tighter, lower-scoring affair, making the +11 line even more attractive.


In conclusion, while Liberty may be favored to win, the value lies with New Mexico State +11. Their recent form, ATS record, and defensive strength, coupled with Liberty’s ATS struggles as a double-digit favorite, make New Mexico State an enticing pick. As always, it’s important to bet responsibly and remember that while trends and data can guide predictions, they’re not foolproof.

Published by Keith "KC" Carrion

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