The 2023 college football season nears its climax, and bowl game matchups are igniting betting fervor. One intriguing clash pits the Jacksonville State Gamecocks against the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns in a battle for bragging rights and potential profit. To navigate this betting landscape, we’ll dive into a data-driven analysis, leveraging AI models, Pythagorean theorem, and other factors to predict the final score and identify the best pick.

Game Information

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: Jacksonville State vs. Louisiana

Date: Saturday, Dec. 16

Time: 2:15 p.m. ET

Location: Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, La.


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Top AI Models and Their Picks:

  • MyOC Premium (Oddschecker): Favors Jacksonville State (-3) with a predicted final score of 34-30.
  • ESPN Football Power Index (FPI): Slightly leans towards Louisiana, awarding them a 56.2% win probability.
  • SportsLine: Predicts a close game with Jacksonville State edging out Louisiana, 27-24.
  • BetQL: Projects a high-scoring affair, with a 62-57 victory for the Gamecocks.
  • Action Network: Analyzes trends and suggests Louisiana as a potential value bet based on their recent performance.

Pythagorean Theorem: This analytical tool, based on points scored and allowed, suggests a closer matchup, with Louisiana edging out Jacksonville State 28.2-27.6.

Injury Impact: Key Cajuns’ absences, like LeGendre’s suspension and Chriss’ leg injury, could dent their offensive firepower. Wooldridge’s foot issue might also impact their offensive strategy. While these are significant losses, the Cajuns boast a deep roster with capable replacements.

Jacksonville State’s Undeterred Charge: While Louisiana limps into this game, Jacksonville State enters with a full tank of momentum. Riding a three-game winning streak and covering the spread in their last four contests, the Gamecocks are hungry for victory. Their balanced offense, led by quarterback Z. Webb and running back Mark Jackson, poses a serious threat to a potentially weakened Louisiana defense.

Trends and Weather: Weather in New Orleans is typically mild in December, so Mother Nature shouldn’t be a factor. But the human element remains a wild card. Will key players rise to the occasion, or succumb to the pressure of the big stage? Will last-minute transfer portal decisions impact the teams’ depth and strategy? Only time will tell.

News and Transfer Portal: No major news regarding potential transfers emerged for either team. However, the absence of several key players could affect motivation and team chemistry for the Cajuns.

Combining Insights:

By synthesizing the AI predictions, Pythagorean analysis, injury updates, and historical trends, a picture emerges. The Cajuns, despite key injuries, hold a slight edge in offensive firepower and home-field advantage. However, Jacksonville State’s resilience and defensive prowess shouldn’t be underestimated.

gamecocks and cajun

The Pick:

While the Gamecocks are favored, the spread of +3 offers enticing value for the underdog Louisiana. Therefore, we recommend a cautious lean towards Louisiana

Ragin’ Cajuns, potentially with a small wager on the moneyline for a higher payout if they pull off the upset.

PICK – Take LouisianaRagin’ Cajuns +3