Cincinnati (asked) – The University of Cincinnati basketball Bearcats played in front of a sparse crowd to kick off the new year, losing a seven-point advantage late in the first half and never recovering. Temple didn’t back down after taking the lead, slamming the Bearcats to the board relentlessly at 46-28.

UC failed to close the gap on the grass or scoreboard and fell 70-61.

The crowd was pretty much the pandemic season kind, but the Owls are currently 2-0 in the American Athletic Conference and 8-7 on the season, so they were greeted with a conference victory.

Sure, there was a Philadelphia Eagles football game at Lincoln Financial Field, but there might have been more people queuing for cheesesteaks at Pat Sunday or Geno’s Sunday than at Temple’s Rear Course Center. Hmm.

Sophomore Jahlil White entered the game, averaging just over four points per game, but responded with a double-double for the Owls. White has 14 points and 16 rebounds. White, Zach Hicks, Khalif Buttle, Hyger Miller and Nick Jourdain finished in double figures for coach Aaron McKee’s team.

Temple set the Bearcat on board on fire in part because Viktor Raquin had foul trouble. He picked up three in the first half and struggled in the paint. Rackin was held to four rebounds and Odi Oguama led UC with just five carroms. The 6-foot-11-inch redshirt sophomore made free throws on the line he reached 10 times, but he was converted only 5 times.

UC dd finished in double figures in four, with Landers Nolly II leading with 15 points. David DeJulius added 13, and Mika Adams-Woods and Lakhin added 11 each.

The Bearcats seemed to have the upper hand when Jeremiah Davenport hit a step-back 3-pointer with 7:16 left in the first half. He only scored two remaining points with the Owls resting for a 17-2 run. From 27-20 down, Temple’s lead at the break was 37-29.

In the second half, DeJulius held the Bearcats to a 46-44 draw, but Temple were quickly driven back thanks to a few trays in the Halif battle, eventually gaining a nine-point advantage. The battle averaged more than 18 points per game, and was suppressed to 1 point difference in the first half. By the end of the game, he had 14 people to lead the team.

UC drops to 10-5 on road loss and 1-1 on AAC.

Skilling Fan Club: Freshman Dan Skillings Jr. played high school ball at nearby Roman Catholic High and Philly Pride’s AAU. UC’s No.0 has an estimated 100 fans. His hometown of Blackwood, New Jersey, is just 20 minutes from his center on the Temple rear course.

On the street again: The Bearcats continue their early 2023 road swing as they are in Wichita for the 9 p.m. EST AAC chip with the Shockers.

Cincinnati 29 32 61

temple 37 33 70

This article was provided by our media partner, the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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