Tyson Fury wants a tag team boxing match with his brother Tommy against Jake and Logan Paul.

Tyson’s brother Tommy will face Jake in Saudi Arabia on February 26th.

Tyson Fury and brother Tommy


Tyson Fury and brother TommyCredits: Social Media – see source
Jake Paul next to his brother Logan


Jake Paul next to his brother LoganCredit: Instagram @jakepaul

But the WBC Heavyweight World Champion has struck an unlikely friendship with a six-win YouTuber-turned-boxer.

Tyson’s loyalty lies with Tommy, and he is ready to fight alongside the Paul brothers.

He told Joe: “Obviously I stand by my brother against Jake and I’m sure his brother will do the same.

“But I think we can do this as a bit of a tag team match. When he gets tired, I tag his brother. I tag my brother. Boom!”

Fury names 'most avoided man in boxing', hopes rivals face 'bogey man'
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Tyson, 34, called on former UFC star Francis Ngannou, 36, to fight him in an unprecedented boxing match in a cage wearing 4-ounce gloves.

However, his idea of ​​tag team boxing has already been adopted by KSI’s Misfits boxing promotion, which will debut the move on March 4.

Tommy, 23, is ready to let Jake, 26, stand in the ring. So far, he has missed twice due to injury and US visa issues.

And the pair of celebrity boxing rivals faced off for the first time at Wembley Arena last weekend.

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Tyson had previously linked up with Jake and even took a picture with the American, risking Tommy’s wrath.

he joked.

And Jake claimed the pair were best friends for life after posing with Tyson and his two sons.

He said: “I already said, we are BFFL.”

Tyson Fury and Jake Paul


Tyson Fury and Jake PaulCredit: @mostvaluablepromotions


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