Two of Bourgue’s coaches were inducted into the Amateur Boxing Association’s Hall of Fame this month, one of whom is still going strong at the age of 76.

Elzie Verdin, 76, and Justin Verdin, 40, were inducted into the USA Boxing’s Southern Association Hall of Fame, which covers parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

They won the award at the Boxing on da Bayou event on December 10, where four of Justin Burdin’s students won the fight. Both he is an Extreme MMA & Fitness coach.

Boole's boxing coach, Elsie Verdun, 76, poses with the Hall of Fame plaque.

Justin gave Elsie and his students his award and said he coaches them to help them stay on the right path.

Both coaches are distant relatives, and Elsie has been training Justin since he was a child.

“He is 76 years old, but he still coaches people and continues this as a lifestyle.

Elzie Verdin says her passion for boxing started when she was four years old. Every weekend, the bartender would return and have her father, Ivens Verdin, take away the unruly patrons, and Elsie could watch the action through the window.


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