Bakersfield, CA – CSU Bakersfield Women’s Soccer Head Coach in an open coaching position Sebastian Vecchio We went looking for the best and brightest to round out his coaching staff. After screening a number of top-tier candidates, Vecchio chose Road Runner alumni Esther Toth as her new assistant coach.

“We have always attracted quality talent to Bakersfield, CA,” Vecchio said of the search process. “What we have to offer and how we do things is very appealing to many coaches and student-athletes. But we are always looking for the best.”

“After five years with CSUB, it was a privilege to bring back the people who graduated from Bakersfield and understand our program. She gives me different perspectives and life lessons that I can do as a coach.She is very approachable and knows Bakersfield and this community better than anyone.

After her college career ended, Toth gained valuable experience at the professional level, competing in the Summer League of United Women’s Soccer against Los Angeles SC. She then spent her most recent season in Italy against Real her Meda CF.

Toth was a four-year “runner” whose senior season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She used her final year of eligibility to compete in her Missouri Western. During her time at Gryphon, Toth earned All-Conference honors after ranking second on the team in goals (5) and third in points (11) while making 18 starts. .

Bakersfield native Toth led Bakersfield Christian High School to a volleyball championship before joining the CSUB team. As a junior in the Runners, Toth led the team in both goals (6) and assists (4), and CSUB broke Division I’s single-season winning percentage record in the process.

Toth also brings coaching experience when he returns to CSUB. The former forward offers personal training at Casillas’ Football His Development in Bakersfield. Besides, Toth he worked at Grindhaus Strength & Conditioning.


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