Tony Harrison appeared on Brian Custer’s The Last Stand podcast today to talk about his upcoming battle with Tim Tzis after Jermell Charlo was forced to withdraw. He says that few fighters can beat him when he’s focused on the game. Once he’s dealt with Tizz, he’ll target a third fight with Jermell Charlo before calling it his career.Here’s an excerpt of Harrison’s remarks.

On intervening to fight Tim Tsuju

“I was just an advocate on Twitter when I saw Charlo had an injured hand and said I would intervene. I haven’t heard anything from there for about a month when I said I would intervene. …to me, I feel like I’ve lost something that belongs to me, the whole road to regaining what I’ve lost.

“For me to fight Tim Tsuju, oh my god, he’s already number one and he’s already on the next level. If I skip the line and fight a guy like that, it’s me It made perfect sense to me.”

On how to play against Twizz as a pressure fighter

“Honestly, Tim is a very tough fighter, but to me he is fundamental. He’s like someone in the park.It’s nothing special for him.His defense isn’t great,offense isn’t great.He’s a very tough competitor.And to me,my The final fight was a prep for the same kind of guy I’m facing… Given my length, my IQ, my skill, it’s a rematch between me and Sergio Garcia. I think.

“Not everyone is endowed with power and there is nothing I don’t have other than power. By the way, I don’t see much of a way for him to beat me.”

Future plans

“They put me up against one of the best guys in the world, a top guy. . And not only that, if I win this fight, I’ll get the only man I’ve been chasing. I only want one man and I’m done. I just want one man and I’m staying away from it. Then go to the rafters.

“I want one man who got what he thought I gave him. I feel like I gave him. I feel like there are too many sides to the fight. I saw you boxing, but no one saw me walking forward until I fought Jermell for the second time, and then he rode his bike. I think I can bet my house when I’m full and focused.”


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