Tony Harrison feels he has the perfect opportunity to win a much-anticipated trilogy fight against undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo by defeating Tim Tujou on March 12 in Sydney, Australia.

Harrison has to box Tszyu to win this fight because trying to go to war with him, as he did in the three fights he lost in his career, doesn’t work.

Former WBC 154-pound champion Harrison (29-3-1-21 KO) was unable to defend his four belts against WBO mandate Tzuju (21-0-15 KO) after Jermell suffered a hand injury. Chosen for the fight after failing to do so.

Harrison, 32, has been waiting four years for a chance to get revenge against Charlo after being eliminated in the 11th round in a December 2019 matchup.

In his first bout of 2018, Harrison boxed him out and used how he was loading up his punches to defeat Jermell in an upset 12-round unanimous decision. Charlo still fights like that, loading every shot and trying to knock out his opponents.

The difference between the two bouts is that in the first match, Harrison boxed expertly, betraying Charlo and taking advantage of the way he was building up with every shot.

In the rematch, Harrison came straight to Charlo and tried to slug with him, thinking he could knock him out. In hindsight, Harrison played big time as he was no match for Jermell in the power department and was eventually stopped in the 11th round.

they made me fight one of the top guysone of the best guys in the world,” Tony Harrison told Showtime commentator Brian Custer’s Boxing Podcast about his March 12 fight with Tim Tzuju.

I’m not sure how good Tszyu is because he’s only fought with a decent name once in his career against Terrell Gausha, 35, last March and didn’t look good against him .

Gausha knocked Tszyu down in the first round and boxed him out in at least five of the first six rounds. Tszyu came out strong in his round of the championship, saving a unanimous decision in the 12th round, but many fans felt he lost.

“There’s no better way to prove you’re the best fighter in the world,” Harrison continued. “And not only that, but when I won this battle, I got the one and only man I was after. I only want one man, and I’m done. I know one man I just want, and I’m staying away from it.

“I want one guy who got what I thought I gave him. I feel like I gave it to him,” Harrison said.

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