Around 6 a.m. Wednesday, one of the greatest careers in professional sports came to an end. About two hours after informing his former team, Tom Brady said to the public: he certainly said he would stop it After a legendary 23-year career as an NFL quarterback.

By playing the 2022 season, Brady achieved his goal of playing at age 45. He didn’t have his best season, but Brady was able to make history. He led his NFL in pass attempts and completions and completed his career-high 490 his passes. Brady’s play led the Buccaneers to his title in the division and gave him a chance to properly end his career in the postseason.

Following the news of Brady’s retirement, there’s a lot to unpack, including the biggest winners and losers following the bombshell announcement. Let’s look at.

Winner: Tom Brady

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Brady, who held back tears in his retirement video, didn’t want his legendary career to end. The fact that I was able to do so should serve as a consoling prize.

Brady, too, walks away with his legacy intact. Indeed, Brady’s 2021 season is better, and if he remained retired last year, the final image of his career would be capped off by his pass to Mike, a game-tying touchdown. It would have been his epic comeback attempt against the Rams in the postseason last year. Evans. But Brady didn’t do anything to hurt his legacy this season and he was able to achieve one of his biggest goals by playing at age 45. .

Loser: Buccaneers

Brady gave only two options this offseason. per ESPN: Retire or remain with the Buccaneers. Considering he chose the former, it’s a clear loss for the Buccaneers. Officially Entering the Quarterback Market.

The Buccaneers have other needs (especially on the offensive line), but the quarterback will be at the forefront following Brady’s announcement. Tampa Bay may choose to give 2021 second-round pick Kyle Trask his first job, but he’s definitely an outsider in either rookie or veteran (or both) form. will compete for

Winner: NFC Conference

Brady’s departure makes things easier for NFC as a whole. The division largely affected by Brady’s decision is his NFC South, which is now wide open following Brady’s retirement. In fact, the biggest NFC winner may be the Carolina Panthers. The Carolina Panthers made a late-season dash to catch up with the Buccaneers with interim head his coach Steve Wilkes.

Brady’s retirement further opens the championship window for other NFC teams that previously had to pass Brady. It also helps to increase the imbalance between AFC quarterbacks and NFC quarterbacks. The AFC, which currently houses the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and Josh Allen, is playing a much better quarterback than the NFC.

He was reportedly the frontrunner to acquire Brady if he was playing outside of Tampa in 2023.

Although Brady never hinted at the possibility, there were certainly Patriots fans who remained hopeful that Brady might consider a farewell season in New England. Your next visit to Gillette Stadium will probably be a celebration.

Winner: Pro Football Hall of Fame

It didn’t take long for the Hall of Fame to let everyone know when Brady was eligible for the Hall of Fame. Brady will definitely get voted in his first year of eligibility. The same goes for JJ Watt, who recently announced his retirement.

Headlined by Brady and Watt, the event will be one of the most anticipated Hall of Fame weekends of all time.

Loser: NFL Fan

Whether or not they cheered for him or his team, fans who have been watching the NFL for the past 20-plus years got a front row seat to one of the greatest players in NFL history. Decades from now, young fans who grew up watching Brady will be able to tell his grandchildren that they watched him do his thing, winning his seven-time Super Bowl MVP. can. Based on who they were rooting for, they recall stories involving either ecstasy or heartache regarding memories of seeing goats moving.


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