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After playing well in the Orange Bowl, Joseph Ngata says professional decisions are tough.

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MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – After the Orange Bowl, several players making decisions about next season were exposed to the media, and one of their defensive linemen told TigerNet they will be back next season.

defensive end Justin Muskol He said he made the decision to return earlier this month and told his coaches after the ACC championship game.

“After a short break, I sat down and told them[the coaches]my decision,” Maskol said. “I felt like it was the right decision for me. It weighed heavily on my heart, so I prayed about it. If any of these guys come back, I’ll be thrilled.”

wide receiver Joseph Ngata He said he hadn’t made a decision. He led the Tigers with eight receptions for 84 yards in the loss to Tennessee.

“I’m seriously considering both,” Ngata told TigerNet. “I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m happy with the way I’ve done it.”

defensive tackle Luca Orholo When Tyler Davis Although he left the blame for coming back on others, Orhorhoro made it sound like he had unfinished business.

“It’s not really about the draft to me,” said Orhorhoro. “When I was a freshman, we got to the top and saw what we needed. I want one (national championship) for myself. So come back and score all five goals. , we want to win closers and state championships. We have a lot of good young players and they will definitely do well.”

Davis laughed when Orhorhoro said he would follow Davis’ lead, but the two look like a package deal.

defensive tackle Brian Bresey He said he wanted to sit down with his family and make a decision.

“I’m still not sure,” Brezet said. “You need time to think things through. Then sit down with your parents and coaches and make the best decisions for yourself.”

corner back sheridan jones He wasn’t available because he didn’t play, but the safety Jalyn Phillips He said his decision would come soon.

“Coming back is something I’ve definitely been thinking about,” Phillips said. “I’m definitely going to talk to my parents and everyone I’m around and weigh all the pros and cons of whether or not to come back. But that decision should be coming soon. Come on, you can get more film out, but my body might say otherwise. It’s something I have to sit down and think about.”

Several people have asked me about safety Tyler Venablesand he said he had two seasons left in his eligibility and wanted to spend it at Clemson, laughing and saying, “What else are you going to do?”


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