For the most part, many of the big moves MLB was supposed to make this offseason have already happened. Aside from a few potential trades and the remaining top free agents finding new homes, most teams appear to be gearing up for the 2023 campaign. Starting off, it’s clear that Jurickson Profar is the top free agent remaining.

Plofer hasn’t had a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding him this offseason, which is a bit strange considering how he managed to put together a pretty solid season in 2022. Dept., he hasn’t attracted much interest in the open market this offseason for some reason.

Nonetheless, it’s clear there are some teams that could certainly use Profar on their roster based on what he could do in 2022. For both Profar and the teams involved, these destinations are clear. Check out why it makes a lot of sense.

3. Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners were already making big moves in the outfield when they traded Teoscar Hernandez this offseason, but they still have a place in the outfield alongside Hernandez and Julio Rodriguez. There are several candidates that could be used, but it might make more sense for them to sign the profile.

Plofer spent most of the 2022 season in left field for the San Diego Padres, but was able to play across the Diamond and put together a solid enough lineup last year (.243 BA, 15 HR, 58 RBI, .723 OPS) ) He could make a big impact on a Seattle team looking to prove last season’s playoff berth was no fluke.

The Mariners have a decent core group, with a number of young players looking to make an impact, but signing Profer isn’t the worst idea ever. It’s not a bad thing to offer production in plates while having an insurance policy that can be filled out in several different places in the field. So it makes a lot of sense for Seattle. Let’s take a closer look at the profile.

2. Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves lost their starting shortstop to Dunsby Swanson and saw their NL East foes of the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets get stronger while they were mostly on the sidelines, so it’s the best. Haven’t spent the offseason. However, they could definitely use another consistent bat in the lineup, so this could be another logical destination for Jurrickson’s profile.

Ronald Acuna Jr. and Michael Harris clearly hold off two spots, but left field is another area the Braves need as the 2022 season approaches. Eddie Rosario was a disaster last year, and Marcel Ozuna wasn’t all that great as a designated hitter, although he could play in the outfield if needed. They also lost Adam Duvall in free agency, but he wasn’t very productive when he was on the field in 2022.

The Braves have picked up a few flyers with a few different outfielders this offseason, but getting a proven production source at Profer makes a lot of sense for now. could help replace Swanson’s departure at shortstop if Vaughan Grissom is struggling, so the Braves could benefit greatly from picking up a proffer before the offseason ends. It seems that you can.

1. Texas Rangers

This would be a welcome reunion for the Texas Rangers, who saw Jurrickson Profar enter their system as a highly publicized prospect. , immediately lost to the Rangers. However, things are different now, and the Rangers were able to actually use the profer on their roster before the start of the season.

With the exception of Adris Garcia, who primarily plays in center field, the Rangers received no production from the outfield in 2022. And while they’ve made some big moves this offseason, Texas hasn’t quite addressed this need this offseason, taking risks. If they leave this place unaddressed, 2023 will have similarly poor production from the outfield.

The Rangers are clearly one of the teams interested in Pittsburgh Pirates star outfielder Brian Reynolds, so they’re clearly looking for outfield help. But Reynolds’ prices may simply be too high. In that case, turning to Profar makes a lot of sense. He may not have panned out beforehand, but he could be the Rangers’ savior in left field in 2023 if Ploffer gets a deal.


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