The bond between Avery Johnson Jr., Kyler Murray and Devin Booker goes beyond sports

NEW YORK – Devin Booker and Kyler Murray have an obvious connection.

Arizona pro team franchise player.

Same back number. They led their respective teams to the playoffs.

They played college ball in the Southeastern Conference, but have another connection that knew them before they landed in the Valley and moved to the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals.

Avery Johnson Jr.

“I’ve known Avery for a long time,” Booker said. “We’ve been friends since middle school.”

Johnson Jr. met Murray in high school in Texas.

“That relationship has only grown since then,” Murray said.

Photo of Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Avery Johnson Jr. (middle).

Johnson Jr. isn’t just close friends with Booker and Murray.

Not only is he connected to these two on a personal and professional level, Johnson Jr. is a budding businessman who’s making it his own.

The son of former NBA player and coach Avery Johnson, he founded Elevate Global, a “full service and entertainment” company representing athletes, brands and entertainers.

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