Perhaps to no one’s shock, Dillon Danis pulled out of his boxing match with KSI at the last minute. The YouTuber’s manager speculated that it was simply because Danis was “underprepared.”

Danis has had far more impactful pursuits than actual fights, and the 29-year-old hasn’t competed since turning in a 3-3 journeyman almost three years ago. An uncompetitive and unattractive online persona, Danis understandably came under a lot of fire for pulling out of another match.

Interestingly, he’s been thrashed by boxers, MMA fighters, grapplers, and YouTubers alike for this latest blunder.

Danis is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and rose to fame a few years ago as Conor McGregor’s grappling training partner. Although he’s officially 2-0 in MMA, he’s been on hiatus for years, and Bellator CEO Scott Coker has even accused him of trying to get him to compete and keep his contract. expresses dissatisfaction with

Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Gordon Ryan previously described Danis as “an absolute master at staying relevant without actually doing anything.”


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