The 2023 NFL Playoffs: Packers vs. Lions could be the rare winner-takes-all game.Looking Back at Past All-or-Nothing Matches

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions Changed to “Sunday Night Football” in Week 18which means it will be the final game of the regular season.

This is a move with little risk and potentially high rewards.lions May have already been eliminated before kickoff The Seahawks beat the Rams at 4:25 p.m. ET on Sunday.

However, if the Seahawks lose to the Rams, the Lions’ winner in the Packers will earn the No. 7 seed in the NFC, and the loser will go home. That would set up a rare winner-take-all game.

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In the history of the NFL, there have been 30 games in the final week of the regular season, marked by a “win and win” scenario, with both teams going into the final week or kickoff based on results earlier in the day. Professional soccer researcher Ivan Urena.

The Lions played in three winner-take-all games in the final week of the regular season. Most recently, his 13-10 win over the Jets in 1997. The Packers’ only game like this was his NFC North title against the Bears in 2013, where Green Bay scored Aaron Rodgers’ fourth touchdown on his pass to Randall on his Cobb. Famous for winning.

Former Jets defensive end Marvin Washington best described those games after the Jets defeated the Dolphins in a 1991 win-and-in game.

“We may be the ugliest girls at the dance…but we’re going to wear ruby ​​red lipstick and pumps and miniskirts.We’re not going to stand on the,” Washington said. (via The New York Times).

Winner-take-all games have given fans a lot of cheers in recent years. If the Seahawks do not beat the Rams first in a winner-takes-all game to enter the tournament, no “Beastquake” will occur. The 2011 Giants needed a winning streak before the Super Bowl. The Cowboys famously lost three games in a row from 2011 to 2013, but let’s not forget that he lost 44-6 to the Eagles in 2008. Robert Griffin III helped Washington run the table to advance to the playoffs as a rookie in 2012, culminating in a victory over the Cowboys. Cam Newton played his role as Superman in overcoming a car accident and subsequent back injury in 2014, helping Carolina recover from a 3-8-1 start and make it to the playoffs. culminated in the game of

The point is that winner-takes-all games offer a unique history. In the best-case scenario for the league and the fans, it will be treated like last year’s Chargers-Raiders do-or-die game.

Here are the last 10 winner-takes-all games:

This became a winner-take-all game based on how the game played earlier in the day. In other words, the defeat of the Colts as a big favorite for the Jaguars. There was also a scenario where if the Raiders and Chargers were tied, both teams would enter and the Steelers would be eliminated. After a furious Chargers comeback and the clock ticking on OT, it almost happened. But Josh’s 10-yard run on Jacobs put Las Vegas within his FG range, giving Daniel Carlson the winner.

2018: Colts 33, Titans 17

Andrew Luck threw three touchdowns to easily beat Blaine Gabbert, who was playing in place of injured starter Marcus Mariota. The game led to Luck’s final career playoff appearance before his retirement.

Cam Newton rebounded from a car crash and subsequent back injury after a 31-point win over the Falcons in Week 17 to lead Carolina to the playoffs at 3-8-1. won the

2013: Eagles 24, Cowboys 33

Kyle Orton threw a second-half INT in place of Tony Romo, who was sidelined with a back injury, sealing the fate of the Cowboys. It was consecutive years.

2013: Packers 33 Bears 28

Aaron Rodgers returned from a broken collarbone and threw a 48-yard touchdown to Randall Cobb in the final minute, going 4-8, in one of the most iconic passes of his career to close the game. Won.

2012: Washington 28, Dallas 18

Robert Griffin III finished Washington’s turnaround to the NFC East title from a 3-6 start and ended the season with seven straight wins, including 28-18 wins over Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Fellow rookie Alfred Morris was a hero with 200 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

2011: Giants 31, Cowboys 14

Eli Manning threw for three touchdowns, including 74 yards to Victor Cruz who had 178 receiving yards in the win. Dallas lost four of their last five games and missed the playoffs, but the win ignited New York’s Super Bowl run.

2010: Seahawks 16, Rams 6

The Seahawks defeated rookie Sam Bradford and the Rams to become the first division champion in NFL history with Charlie Whitehurst starting in place of injured Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback. . Seattle hosted his game in the playoffs, and the following week Marshawn defeated the Saints, a game known for his lynching “Beast Quake” run.

2008: Eagles 44, Cowboys 6

This turned out to be a game of death just before kickoff after losses to Tampa Bay and Chicago. The Eagles won 44-6 in a game in which Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo, plus Terrell Owens, faced his former team. This is the biggest win in the history of the Eagles rivalry.

2008: Chargers 52, Broncos 21

The Chargers made the playoffs at 8-8 after a 4-8 start, thanks to a Week 17 loss to the Broncos who blew a three-game lead in three playoff weeks. Philip Rivers struck out Jay Cutler in a QB rivalry, but LaDainian Tomlinson scored three touchdowns in the win.

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