PORT BARRE, La (BRPROUD) – This bright student is booked and busy. She’s working towards getting her high school diploma, college degree, and more.

“Oh my god, I have to schedule each week so that everything flows perfectly,” said 17-year-old Renji Buller.

This 17-year-old boy at Port Barre High School knows almost everything. When Buller isn’t maintaining her GPA of 4.2667, she’s on the field, court, or track.

“In college, we have classes at 8 or 9, and we finish class around 11:30 and get to school, and the next class starts at 1. I have time to work, to study, to do whatever I need to do,” said Buller. “Wow, I’ve done so well in school and I’m so good at sports, so I feel like everything I’ve been doing means something. It’s like.”

She keeps her body moving, but her brain doesn’t get much rest either, but it’s all about to pay off.

“I want to be a physical therapist. I’m going to UL for kinesiology and then I only need to get a bachelor’s degree because I already have an associate’s degree.

Buller has already met most of the high school requirements. After she finishes her college classes the day before she leaves for work, she plans to finish her school year with just one Spanish class.

“I work at a physical therapy clinic in Lafayette,” Buller said.

It seems like a lot for this achiever, but it’s all done in one day.

“It feels great when you win a lot, when you do something really good,” said Buller.

From college classes to high school classes to leadership in school clubs and sports, how does she do it all?

“My mom is like the best cheerleader in all sports, all games, all. She made me realize that I can do whatever I want and be good at it. ” said Buller.

“It didn’t matter what we put her in. We put her in jiu-jitsu. It didn’t matter that she learned what she needed to learn. She was the best at it.” She just has that competitive edge.” Heather Buller.

When graduation comes, Rengy celebrates in the best way his family knows.

“She graduated high school and college with an associate’s degree, so we are farmers. said Heather.

For those still wondering how she does it all, she offers some valuable advice.

“Don’t think about it, do it,” Rengie said.

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