Last week we gave you a whole buffet of teaser leg options.

As a reminder, here are some general guidelines to follow when betting on NFL Teasers to limit your risk.

  • Stick to the 6 point teaser (you need to win more consistently to offset the higher price).

  • Stick to the two-team teaser (the more pieces you add, the higher the risk).

  • Target lower total games (more points expected means more variance involved).

  • Play around with the key numbers 3 and 7 (this approach is central to all proven winning strategies).

Current Week 17 Teaser Leg Options

Browns +8 with Commander, 40

Seahawks +7.5 vs. Jets, 42.5

Steelers +8.5 Ravens, 35

Week 17 Unconventional Choices

Dolphins +9 Patriots, 41

I think the Dolphins don’t fit the mold. Because picking two winners correctly comes with volatility, so getting a spread of +3 or better as a single bet is worth more in the long run than tying it to a teaser. However, tees up to +3 and +9 are more valuable if the +3 price is (-115) or (-120), indicating that the line may move to +2.5 .

Week 17 NFL Teaser: Seahawks +7.5/Steelers +8.5

The Seahawks look down. However, Geno Smith and his Co. have seen the Raiders’ solid offense, the Rams’ tough defense, the Panthers’ strong rushing his offense, and arguably his offense in the NFL with his 49ers and chiefs. During that stretch, Seattle was without WR Tyler Lockett against the Chiefs, RB Kenneth Walker III against the Panthers, and DT Al Woods in his last two games.

It’s a pretty bad team. But there was optimism from head coach Pete Carroll that the Rockets, Woods and even WR Marquise Goodwin will play this weekend.

The Jets’ defense is pretty solid, but they’ve allowed 22 points per game over the past four games, giving up 86 rushing yards to Vikings’ Dalvin Cook, zero sacks against Lions QB Jared Goff, and posting 7.4 per pass. Allowed yards. Jaguars Trevor Lawrence. The Jets offense, backed by Zach Wilson or Mike White, is the last in the league in points per drive since Week 10, converting only four red zone possessions to touchdowns on 15 attempts. Second worst in the league. Offense isn’t a threat, but the Jets’ defense is slipping.

The Steelers against the Ravens are the games with the fewest totals on the board in Week 17. Plus, this is his matchup in the prime time division. Pittsburgh has won 5 of their last 8 games. Neither table was able to add a point, getting two run-first offenses and stout rush defense. Since goodbye, the Ravens have scored with the lowest touchdown percentage in the league, but the Steelers have at least improved their offense after starting the season 28th, converting third downs with the second-best percentage in the league. I’m here. It’s pure numbers play, with subpar offense in 36 lined games.

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