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WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Jerbonta ‘Tank’ Davis and undefeated world champion Hector Luis Garcia met face-to-face on Thursday after exchanging butts before a cold head won at the final press conference in Washington, D.C. DC Davis’ victory paves the way for a recently announced blockbuster clash with undefeated Ryan “Kingly” Garcia in Spring 2023.

Tank Davis: “He has some things to say that cheer me up. You definitely don’t want to miss this one. Let this be a tough fight for him. Don’t get popcorn during this fight.” Please put your butt against the seat, I promise it will be fireworks.”

Hector Luis Garcia: “Jerbonta, you better watch out on Saturday night, because when he put his hand on me during the showdown, he kindled the fire of competition under me.

javonta davis

“This is my job.

“D.C. has always been exciting when it comes to boxing. had to pass through DC, I always treated this place like a second home.

“Garcia has earned his place in this fight for what he has done over the past year. He has put up good fights and beat good fighters. Opponent, this will be a preparation for the next match against Ryan Garcia.

“I want to show everyone that I am one of the top performers in front of a great audience.

“I have had a lot of talk from other fighters in this division. to everyone.

“The last thing I want to say to Hector is just be prepared. I had a great camp and I know Hector is coming. Just try not to make too many mistakes. If you do too much, you may end up late at night.

“This is a stacked card. Boxing wins Saturday night. From the first fight to mine, you can’t miss it.”

Hector Luis Garcia

“My camp has been great. My team is tireless and working hard. Everyone will see the results on Saturday night.

“I feel equally comfortable at 130 or 135. I took on this challenge because I always want to push my limits and be the best. It’s up to me to decide.

“For me, the bottom line is that I can fight any distance the game requires. I can use my reach and my power.

“I think the interactions so far have been normal and fun.

“The real Garcia is here. I don’t care who he’s focused on because I know I’m the real challenger. It will be a show that you can enjoy.”

* * *

The press conference also featured a showdown between pay-per-view undercard fighters. In the co-main event, undefeated rising star Jaron “Boots” Ennis will duel IBF #4 rated welterweight Karen Chukajian for the vacant IBF interim welterweight title.

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Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Jaron Ennis

“This win puts me in line with Errol Spence Jr. This is a great opportunity to make a big statement and I can’t wait.

“I want to make a statement to the whole world. I’m focused on doing the show, getting the explosive knockout, and seeing what happens next.

“I’m riding Mike Tyson in ‘Iron.’ I don’t go there for a knockout, but when I see that opening, I’ll definitely take it. I’m afraid to take him out too soon.” No. Everyone knows I come and go like a robber.

“I have my own twist on Tyson. I picked up a few things watching Tyson, so this is going to be a fun night. I’m going to have a blast with it.”

“My message to the world is to keep watching me grow and progress and make sure you don’t miss this knockout on Saturday night. Philly will definitely be in this building.”

Karen Chuhajian

“Jaron is a very strong fighter, but we have trained very well. I have worked with many different fighters in sparring and we have a good strategy. We are here to fight and win.

“This is our chance to prove ourselves to the American public.

“I wanted an opportunity like this and I am very motivated to finally come here to the United States to win for everyone who supports me in Ukraine.

“Don’t worry too much about Ennis and what he can do.

* * *

Undefeated top welterweight contender Rashidi Ellis will take on Roiman Villa in a 12-round IBF welterweight title eliminator.

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Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Rashidi Ellis

“I’m here to take over the 147-pound division and show that I’m the big dog in this division. We’re always ready and Saturday is no exception.”

“We’ll see who’s top dog. Villa is talking crazy here and we have to take him down.

“We all know what I want to do. I want smoke. Show me the strongest fighter and I’ll step into that ring.”

“This is a great stage to show my talent. I know I am the future of this division. I just need an opponent in front of me who will show the whole world.”

“I would definitely say it’s the biggest fight of my career, but at the end of the day, I treat this like another shift at the office. I’m coming to work.

“This is going to be a great fight. He’s a strong, tough guy and he’ll come forward and try to hit me with his Lucky Punch. I am ready for it.”

Roiman Villa

“It’s easier said than done. Whatever he says, he has a right to say it. But I want to come here and do my job and put on the show that the fans want to see.” We’ll see you in action in the ring on Saturday night.

“I’m not a fortune teller. I’m going to control what I can control and let it be. I’m 100% ready for this fight.”

“I’m confident in my training. I’m much more prepared this time than I was last time I won, so my beliefs are very high. If Ellis underestimates me, he’ll be in trouble.”

“I am here to represent not only my country, but the entire Latin community. That’s what I’m trying to do.

“I studied at school. I’m not here to study someone. I’m going to follow him and be aggressive. I intend to.

“I want to be humble, but I want to see if the smile he has now is still there after Saturday night.”

* * *

Pay-per-view two-division world champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade will take on Demomond Nicholson in a 10-round super middleweight attraction.

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Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Demetrius Andrade

“I’m bringing even more talent to the stacked division. We’re here to give people what they’ve been looking for, including all the big fights.

“The message I am sending is that the best fighters need to fight each other.

“Everyone says I’m here to make a splash and I prove it every time I step in the ring. I’m going to do what I always do. It’s a win.”

“I hope he puts pressure on me. I’m ready for anything. If he says this fight isn’t going well, I think he’s losing.”

Demond Nicholson

“My goal is to dominate and win in every possible way. I’m aiming for the moon. Now is my time.”

“I can’t be humble now. There’s no time to be humble. Everyone says I’m a tune-up, but this is the first game I’ve been 100% healthy.

“Everyone will see my skills. On January 7th my new life and career will begin. I’m not worried about what he’s talking about.”

“He hasn’t fought me yet so forget about Jermall Charlo. He’s doing this thing talking about fighting other fighters, but he beat me first. I’m accumulating frustration about it, don’t overlook the next guy.

“You have to apply pressure. The pressure will burst the pipe. This fight will not last.”

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