While many look forward to the NFL Conference Championship Game, chronic sufferers of PSBD (or post-Super Bowl disability) are long overdue for the 2023 season, with only one game left after Sunday. I am afraid of the thought that

Luckily, there are plenty of other distractions to beat post-Super Bowl fatigue, such as the NBA, March Madness, Spring Training, sports debate shows, and movies.

For those of you who spent the last six months in the NFL cocoon, here are 10 questions and answers. This will help you stay on top of the important issues of the day.

1. Are the Chicago Bulls a lottery team?

Even after Saturday’s 128-109 victory over the Magic in Orlando, Florida, only six teams had a lower winning percentage than the Bulls. They can still make it to the Eastern Conference playoffs, but not at this pace.

Like the Chicago White Sox in 2022, the Bulls spent most of the season getting closer to .500, but have fallen back spectacularly. They don’t stand a chance falling low enough to give consensus No. 1 pick Victor Wenbanyama a realistic chance, but they’ll actually have a few ping-pong balls in the lottery if they miss the playoffs.

2. Should Eloy Jimenez grant his wish to play right field over DH?

This was a hot topic among White Sox fans for about a minute last week, but Mike Clevinger’s story has been pushed into the background.

Jimenez told reporters:

It’s great that Jimenez is working hard to be a better fielder, but if the Sox are better defensively with rookie Oscar Colas on right, Jimenez will be the outfielder of the week. There is no real reason to play more than once.

3. What’s up, Einstein? Number over/under? Sunday commercial?

NFL fans will never miss a RedZone channel. Paul He is a ubiquitous ad in which Giamatti appears as Einstein in a puzzled attempt to choose his wireless provider. All the suspension of action during the NFL playoffs seems to have resulted in another airing.

No betting site offered over-unders for Sunday’s championship game, but my bookie said 22 including pre-match shows.

4. Does Northwestern have a realistic chance of bidding for the NCAA Tournament?

why not? The unranked Wildcats are 15-5 after his 81-61 win over Minnesota on Saturday, and he’s 6-3 in the Big Ten. No one believed them after he went 7-13 in conference play last season.

What’s the difference?

After Monday’s win against Wisconsin, senior guard Chase Odige said, “I don’t think we really care about all that stuff people say about us.” or when we’re playing the best of the best, we’ve heard it all clearly over the last few years, we’re just trying to stay calm, we as a group We know how confident you are in yourself and believe in us, and that’s the only thing that really matters compared to what others have to say.”

The Wildcats have proven they’re the real deal, but the schedule is now more challenging.

5. Is there a sports movie premise worse than “80 for Brady”?

Judging by the commercial, the upcoming release about four older women who are die-hard Tom Brady fans could rank as the worst sports movie of all time. “Fever Pitch”, “Bad News Bears Go To Japan” and “The Benchwarmers” have tough allies. A more apt title might be “Brady’s Botox.”

6. Can the Chicago Cubs fight without a bona fide closer?

Watch what happens. Setup man Brad Boxberger hasn’t been a regular closer for the Arizona Diamondbacks since 2018, but he may be the odds-on option to start the season there. Brandon Hughes, Rowan Wick are also possibilities.

Team president Jed Hoyer may not be finished adding relief pitchers, but feels “happy” with his second-half options.

“My goal is to get all these guys out of our system in the next two to three years,” he said. “Offering great things in the bullpen is the real goal, and it also comes to young guys with cheaper options. That’s certainly something we want to develop.”

7. Can Purdue survive the Bulls season without imploding?

An NBC Chicago Sports analyst was so disgusted after the Bulls’ loss that he recently asked: Perdue speaks for fans everywhere, questioning the lack of leadership in his rocker room. He’s the Bulls’ version of Ozzy Gillen.

8. Which 4 NBA players voted for Lonzo Ball to make the All-Star team?

The Bulls guard hasn’t played in over a year, but has four All-Star votes in player voting. Let’s say one is from his brother LaMelo, and his remaining three are from Bulls teammates who believe the All-Star vote is a joke.

9. Will NBA writers be disqualified for arguing with players on TV during a game?

no mistake. But when Fox, his sports personality and former NFL star, Shannon Sharpe yelled at his Grizzlies players and his Morant father in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers in Memphis, the umpire and the stadium. security guards had to intervene.

Sharp later apologized After embarrassing himself and his outlet. Apparently, there was no influence from the league or his superiors.

10. When LeBron James passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scoring list, will he officially become the GOAT?

Looking at the reactions of James and his media friends, it would seem so. However, Michael remains the all-time leader in points per game with Jordan’s 30.12, followed by Wilt with Chamberlain’s PPG average of 30.07.

James ranked fifth on Saturday with 27.21. Jordan also wins six NBA titles to James’ four, and six NBA Finals MVPs to James’ four.

James is a really great player, but he played a lot longer than Jordan. It’s really that simple.


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