A constant debate among sports fans is how current stars have dealt with past eras. and vice versa.this definitely applies boxing.

With different titles available for each weight class, comparisons between modern fighters are inevitable. This, of course, extends to a discussion of how current fighters compare to the greats of the past.

Fans have long speculated about who will come out on top among WBC heavyweight champions Tyson Fury When Lennox Lewisthe last man in the division to hold the undisputed title.

But for former featherweight champion Barry McGuigan, it’s a no-brainer.

What Will Happen To The Tyson Fury And Lennox Lewis Superfight?

Clone Cyclone claims that Lewis will “destroy Fury.” This is a bold statement, even given Lewis’ impressive record, and the Gipsy King is currently undefeated in the professional ranks.

Fury and Lewis are arguably the best heavyweights of their time and the top two British heavyweights.

Tyson Fury vs Lennox Lewis: Superfight Predictions by Boxing Legends
Tyson Fury vs Lennox Lewis: Superfight Predictions by Boxing Legends

In addition to being the last man to unify the heavyweight division, Lewis is a three-time world champion. Lion has just two losses in his professional career and boasts gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics in the super-heavyweight category.

He beat every man he shared the ring with and scored the victory Mike TysonEvander Holyfield, Vitali Klitschko and Frank Bruno.

The WBC is arguably the glamor division of boxing, and Fury has become arrogant in recent years.The only man to escape defeat against a Wythenshawe-born fighter Deontay Wilder, when their first fight ended in a draw. However, Fury won his next two fights in the trilogy. Those are the only times Wilder, arguably the hardest puncher in heavyweight history, has ever lost professionally.

In 2015, the Gipsy King became the first man to be beaten in over a decade. Wladimir Klitschko.

Given the respective records of the two British boxing icons, it seems difficult to give a definitive answer as to who would have come out on top if the two were present at the same time. But McGuigan, who famously won the WBA and Zaring featherweight titles at Loftus Road in 1985, thinks Lewis is a level higher than Fury.

Barry McGuigan repeatedly endorses Lennox Lewis

In response to a fan on his Twitter account who claimed he “hated Fury” and didn’t particularly appreciate him, McGuigan said: Compare their resumes. No comparison. That’s the truth. ”

To be fair, McGuigan attended Lewis’ matches at ringside so many times that he regularly saw him up close. “I was at ringside for many of Lennox’s fights, and he was much better than Fury, beating much better opponents.”

Tyson Fury vs Lennox Lewis: Superfight Predictions by Boxing Legends
Tyson Fury vs Lennox Lewis: Superfight Predictions by Boxing Legends

It’s indisputable that Lewis has beaten some big names, and while it’s clear he deserves a great deal of respect for uniting the division, it’s hard to beat just what’s in front of you. I can do it. And Fury did it over and over again.

He is the only man to beat Wilder and no one else has answered him. Looking at their records, it would be difficult to determine a matchup and the winner would surely know they were fighting.

Lewis has recently hinted at his confidence in defeating Fury, challenging him to unite the division to reach his level.

McGuigan has come under fire for his attitude from Fury fans, to which he responded: Lennox beat his Fury and knocked him out in the championship round. It is necessary to consider the quality of his opponents. If you want to say that Fury’s opponent is comparable to Lewis, then you know nothing about boxing.

Tyson Fury vs Lennox Lewis: Superfight Predictions by Boxing Legends
Tyson Fury vs Lennox Lewis: Superfight Predictions by Boxing Legends

He also claimed to have credited Fury for his achievements. He’s just saying, “Fury’s record still doesn’t compare to Lennox Lewis.”

But this year, Fury got a chance to become the first undisputed heavyweight world champion in the four-belt era. Oleksandr UsykThere will certainly be cases where he is superior or equal to Lewis in accomplishing that feat.

Fury and Usyk are set to fight in March of this year, likely in Saudi Arabia, although London’s Wembley Stadium is reportedly still an option.

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