Submit a Sixers-Related NBA Trade Proposal

With the NBA’s trade deadline approaching, the Philadelphia 76ers probably won’t be as active as they used to be.

Part of the reason is the team’s limited assets, some of which were used to acquire the likes of James Harden and George Hill in previous deadlines. Some were later taken away, so there aren’t many left in the Sixers’ cupboard.

But we could be talking about a deal that will somehow affect the Sixers’ playoff rotation if the right deal is made. For example, are there any deals involving Mathis Cybull?

Part of the fun is playing a fake executive and coming up with deals. Submit your favorite fake Sixers-related deals in the comments section below.

I have only one request. If you want to suggest a deal, use one of the trading machines and make sure it’s legal and at least within reason (but not intentionally eccentric ). Fanspo is my favorite trade his machine, but ESPN works just as well.

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