Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee We believe the NFL has a refereeing problem that was demonstrated during conference championship games.

In both the AFC and NFC championship games on Sunday, the referees made some controversial decisions with big ramifications for the game. At the NFC Championship Game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers, Jordan Mason out of 49ers be punished To ruff the kicker with a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first down. Replays showed Mason hit the kicking leg. This only justifies a 5-yard penalty, not an automatic first down.

In an AFC Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals, the umpire tried to stop the play without blowing the whistle on the Chiefs’ third down play. Looked like it was done, but the referee dominated the play did not countwhich resulted in a Bengals defensive holding penalty on the next play and an automatic first down.

On Monday, McAfee appeared on his daily show. Pat McAfee Shawand did not suppress his feelings for NFL umpires.

McAfee said, “But I think we have a massive official problem.” I think the referees are the worst! No. Why are they in the playoff games? Fifty million people will be watching, especially when there are only two games.

McAfee explained on Twitter that many Bengals fans had asked to use his show to get answers from the NFL, but added that his show had been talking about the issue since 2018. . Do not hire part-time jobs and referees.

“They’re not fully committed to the NFL, so someone could get them,” McAfee continued. “I think they’re getting paid well now, but what’s better? What’s the line? Specifically, how much money can be made from these games? am.”

McAfee added, “Making them full-time eliminates the distraction of them being swayed elsewhere.” “Just as all politicians are underpaid, they are easily swayed by big pharma, big gas, fucking alcohol, cigarettes, etc. You can name it. increase.”

The former punter elaborated on fans scrutinizing the game because of its popularity in the NFL.

The NFL isn’t the only sports league facing complaints of poor refereeing. NBA Crew Chief, Eric Lewisreferee apologizes for missing blatant foul on Los Angeles Lakers star lebron james.

“There was contact,” Lewis said. “We didn’t see any fouls during the game at the time. Crews missed plays.”

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