SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Escondido soccer coach, who sent a plea for help on Twitter, received overwhelming support from the soccer community this week as the coach stepped up to meet her financial goals. It all started with Jessica Montiel asking for emotional support above all else, which she said was “half joking, half serious.”

This week she was offered a place to enroll in a National C-License class in Carlsbad. I realized that it was too expensive.

“Can anyone give me $1400 for my C license?” Montiel tweetedalong with some sad face emojis.

“We had to come up with $1,400 in two days!” she said. “I didn’t know what I was going to do. I never would have imagined in a million years that people would take me seriously,” she said on Patch Wednesday. rice field.

Cal South Soccer hosts an invitation-only C License class in Carlsbad each year. This class prepares the coach to work with his team of youth through age 19 and puts the coach on the path to becoming a college-level coach.

Montiel believes coaching is all about education and reaching the next level, especially for women in football.

A longtime player and coach, she holds a National D license, which gives her the ability to coach at the community college level. She has been her youth soccer coach for her 12 years and Mission She also coaches her team at Vista High School’s Varsity Girls Soccer. She most recently joined Palomar She Community College as a soccer assistant she coached. With her goal of coaching at the highest level possible, she knew she would need her additional US football credentials to go further.

“There’s a whole other world in coaching: recruiting, coaching at a competitive high level. There are so many things I want to achieve,” she said. The next level comes with a hefty price tag for working families.

Yet, by Wednesday evening, she had received $1,150. This was enough support to help her meet her financial goals and enroll in classes that take place over the summer. She said the extra money she earns will be used to help other female coaches buy coaching licenses.

During the online fundraiser, Coach shared her support and invited others to join her in supporting her efforts. I was.

Zach Crawford ( Twitter as @Zaccraw4d) Moved by her plight, she wrote:

“Hi Jessica. I don’t know you, but I believe education is an investment.
Can you get the other 13 people to do the same?”

Others took pity on her similar boat. She agreed, provided she provided evidence that she had passed the course at the end of the summer.

“I will get my money back, but I have to pass first… Still, paying $1400 up front to start something is tough on my family. I have children and play sports.

A soccer coach, wife and mother, Montiel grew up on the San Diego soccer field. She played soccer in college and currently coaches at her college in Oceanside and Palomar Community.

“Last year we had our first winning season,” she told Patch. is what we do.”

She marveled at the financial support she received from friends, family and strangers.

“I was hoping my friends would sympathize with me on Twitter about the cost,” she said. “It blew my mind. It keeps blowing my mind.”

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