Slim and Salt Papi Rank Top 5 Crossover Stars

Slim and Salt Papi chose five crossover stars from the YouTube boxing scene.

Both men agreed they were YouTubers turned prize fighters Jake Paul as the best they’ve seen of current talent.

However, there were some surprising names that weren’t included on their respective lists. KSIMorebrother of Desi and Paul’s brother logan paul.

Unsurprisingly, Paul tops the list after the biggest win of his career UFC Legend Anderson Silvawhich he won on points in October.

Aside from that, they disagreed with pretty much everyone else, including Paul’s former opponent Ahn Aesong GibPapi was fourth and Slim was fifth.

Disagreements between the pair also centered on Misfits promoter KSI, with Slim placing him in second place and Papi in third.

Talking about their #1 pick pole in a video on Slim’s YouTube channel, Papi said:

“I’m not in good shape, so if Jake Paul doesn’t fight me now, let’s just say I’m in better shape. I’ll be in better shape. In the future, I’ll be harder to beat.” .

YouTuber-turned-prizefighter Jake Paul tops both men's lists
YouTuber-turned-prizefighter Jake Paul tops both men’s lists

“So if KSI and Jake Paul fight this year, yes KSI will lose. I will be the final boss. KSI is Oscar de la Hoya now, right? I’m Floyd Mayweather. am.

“You know how Floyd Mayweather took over when he beat Oscar de la Hoya, so will I.

“It must be Jake Paul. Jake Paul, yes.

And Slim added:

“I respect what he’s done because he’s done everything. It’s like it gave everyone else on the scene the opportunity to be where we are now.” It was something.

“It’s the same with KSI. He’s put people to sleep, knocked people out, put people to sleep. He has legitimate knockout power.”

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slim top 5 crossover boxers

5. Ahn Eson Gib

4. Salt Papi

3. Slim


1. Jake Paul

Salt Papi’s Top 5 Crossover Boxers

5. Slim

4. Ahn Eson Gib


2. Salt Papi

1. Jake Paul

Watch: Slim and Salt Papi Rank the Top 5 Crossover Stars of the YouTube Boxing Scene

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