NEW YORK (AP) — Four years ago, Amanda Serrano decided to fight only at the weight she was most comfortable with.

Of course, there will be certain exceptions. Last year’s bout with Katie Taylor, who made history in women’s boxing, meant moving up two weight classes, as did a rematch later in the year.

Otherwise, a fighter who once spent a career fighting for the 115-pound title just four months after winning it at 140, only fought at the featherweight limit of 126.

It seems like an easy decision. Every fighter wants to feel their strongest in a sport where they get hurt and injured.

Female boxers didn’t always have that luxury.

“So I went all over the place for the chance,” Serrano said.

Sometimes they weren’t even in boxing.

Nearing the end of his career and now backed by Jake Paul’s MVP promotion, the 34-year-old Serrano (43-2-1, 30 KOs) can call more shots himself. She finally stayed long enough to win her three 126-pound titles in her one division, and if Erica beats her Cruz at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, she’ll be undisputed. You can become a champion.

“Even as an amateur, I won a Golden Globe with 125, so I was always a featherweight fighter,” Serrano said. “But she, as a female boxer, has to go where the opportunity is.”

They came to places like Sweden and Argentina early in her career. The Brooklyn resident is back after Taylor beaten by split decision in her first women’s boxing match at MSG last April.

Promoter Eddie Hahn said, “Amanda is a world champion in seven divisions because it was hard to do those fights. Get down and fight your opponent.” Big enough to produce. ”

Fights like the one between Taylor and Serrano have matched the two best and won multiple honors of the year, but they all too often fall apart or come too late in men’s boxing. That success could help create opportunities for young female fighters that were unavailable for much of Serrano’s career.

“It’s definitely a springboard,” Serrano said. “We had to break down that barrier so that networks, promoters and arenas could see that we could sell. We can do all these things that men do.”

Women’s boxing got an even bigger boost later this year with two marquee matches on the same card in London. In this match, Shields defeated Savannah her Marshall and Alicia Baumgardner defeated her fellow American Mikaela her Mayer in her packed O2 arena played on Britain’s first women’s only card. rice field.

Headlining at the biggest venue was clearly a big step for women’s boxing. is pointing.

Girls weren’t allowed to box in Ireland, so Taylor had to pretend to be a boy to attend the gym. Here’s another scene of Hahn’s 10-year-old daughter packing a box.

“Now when I go to the gym to see her or pick her up, there are a dozen young girls there.” “You don’t see it. Five years ago, you didn’t see young women in boxing gyms, and before that, most clubs didn’t have female fighters.”

Saturday’s card is full of women, with Baumgardner (13-1, 7 KOs) going up against Elhem Mekhaled to become the undisputed 130-pound champion. After his three-game streak in the UK, the Detroit product can finally fight again at home.

If Serrano wins, the plan is to travel to Ireland for a rematch against Taylor on the lightweight turf. Hahn said they both made $1 million in their first bouts and would do even better in their second bouts.

“It’s the money that really sets them up for life, and that’s something. When I talk to young female fighters, they say, ‘These girls are out there and they’re fighting over a million dollars.’ women’s boxing,” said Hahn.

Serrano said Taylor’s rematch is the only fight that will separate her from a priority division she has had to step away from multiple times in her career nearing the end, and intends to fight over 36. said no.

Chasing titles in multiple divisions for fame and fortune has always been part of boxing. increase.

“We have girls who are trying to get into sports and want to leave their name in the sport, so I think it’s going well,” she said. I think we got it, because there are some great champions that call out champions of.”


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