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High school girl basketball 1 in 3 is not bad

Released at 11:34 am on Saturday, December 31, 2022

Mike London

Carrie — The Salisbury Women’s Basketball Team is exhausted but in high spirits, returning home from the John Wall Invitational.

When the Hornets signed up for a multi-state event filled with 4A and national power (when the New Jersey team defeated the Ohio team in the tournament final), they knew 0-3 was possible. .

They went 1-2 with one super win and two competitive losses.

While leaving home 8-0 and coming back 9-2, the Hornets got better and tested to the fullest. His three scraps in this tournament could make a big difference for them in the long run.

Salisbury’s goal is simple: repeat the 2A state championship. With the exception of Rachel McCullough, Jamesia Huntley, Jariah Gibson and Kiki Walker, the Hornets may not be the favorites, but they’re still proving to be very much in the mix of competitors.

There is certainly work to be done. The Panther Creek press gave them a seizure on Wednesday.

But the JWI has played against some of the nation’s most watched guards for senior guard Kyla Bryant, and made nearly every game a new breakout for junior forward MaKayla Noble. It was a great opportunity to turn it into a party.

Seniors Hayley Dalton and Isis Nuwafor will also be next-level players, so it was a good experience and good exposure for them too.

Salisbury’s 42-32 loss to North Pitt on Friday, where they lost to 2A, could be a preview of the state championship since Shelby’s heartbreaker ended the 2021 season.

Salisbury is ranked 4th in 2A West in the latest RPI rankings, while North Pitt (9-2) is 2nd in 2A East.

The 32 points were the fewest points scored by the Hornets since North Rowan won 54-29 in 2016. to score some more.

In nearly every game last season, there seemed to be a time when McCullough suddenly hit threes in a row — and it was all over. It’s a little harder to score now, but it’s still very difficult to score.

Bryant was held to less than half his average of 10 by North Pitt. Noble had him nine and Nwafor had him eight.

Salisbury’s biggest offensive quarter was 10 points.

Salisbury did a good job defensively against North Pitt star Zamaleya Jones, a nationally ranked junior. Jones scored 13, but she shot 11-for-3.

Where the North Pit excelled was the foul line. North he pitted he made 9 of his 10 free throws.

Back at the Hornets’ Central Carolina Conference. Salisbury will face Davidson in the East on Tuesday.

Salisbury — Bryant 10, Noble 9, Nuwafor 8, Dalton 4, Morgan 1

North Pitt — Jones 13, Johnson 11, Staten 9, Edwards 9.


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