Schenevus’ Competiello, Knapp, has been named Women’s Soccer Player of the Year.high school sports

Angie Competiello and Taylor Knapp played national team football for Schenevus from their seventh grade through their senior season this fall. In this six-year period, the duo helped the Lady Dragons achieve his 86-13 record, including his 2021 and his 2022 back-to-back section titles.

Competiello and Knapp were named Daily Star’s 2022 Girls Soccer Players of the Year, so the pair, who have made significant contributions to Schenevus’ program, will share final honors. Joining the postseason honors are Shenevas coaches Steve Hornung and Tim Smith, the Star Girls Coach of the Year for the second year in a row.

Compettiello and Knapp will finish high school as the two most awarded players in the history of the program, being named to the Class D Allstate First Team. Competiello will graduate as Chenevus’ all-time leader in career goals (156) and assists (58) after he tallied 31 goals and his 15 assists in 2022.

Knapp is right behind her on the record book as she tied Competiello with 31 goals in 2022 and had a school-record 25 assists, and is second in program history in career goals (79) and assists (54). finish.

This is the second year in a row that Competiello has won the Player of the Year award.

“Angie does what Angie does,” Hornung said. “She’s a great finisher, a great leader and really helps us in so many ways. She’s a quiet leader. She always does the right thing. She always puts the team first.” I’m thinking first.”

After she scored a school-record 44 goals in 2021, both coaches saw Compettiello improve her overall game this season.

“She’s a player who can step back and when it gets close, she can step back and play defense,” Smith said. “She’s not just a striker. She’s a good defensive girl. I really needed her help at times, so that’s what she did more this year.”

Knapp was the driving force behind Sukenebas’ attack in midfield as Competiello dominated the opposition up front. Originally a defender, Knapp’s appearance as an offensive force was partly intentional, but also a natural evolution of her game.

“We agreed it was a good move to move Taylor up,” Hornung said. “From the sidelines I think it created a nightmare trying to mark us because they couldn’t set Angie with Taylor there. Lily [Competiello] It’s revealed that they really struggled to gimmick Angie.

“I think she’s gotten more comfortable,” Smith said of Knapp. , I think she’s found her legs to be strong. She’s a physical player who likes to control midfield.”

As for Knapp, she said she was focused on getting the ball into the net, even if it fell off her own foot or a teammate’s foot.

“I think it was mainly my job to set up attacks…it wasn’t even my own goal, but I set up plays for my teammates and got assists. It was like, you want the goal, but maybe you don’t have it.”

Shenevas recovered much of the scoring from the 2021 Section IV Class D title-winning team, but the Dragons had to replace the entire backline. However, despite their lack of defensive experience, the team once again had high hopes for themselves.

Competiello said, “We were still playing one game at a time, but in the long run our goal was to win the league, win the section and hopefully win the state.” I am very proud of the team that has made it this far.”

The only slip-up Shenevas faced was against Morris/Edmeston during the regular season, defeating the Dragons in overtime and for the second time in the Tri-Valley League Championship Game.

Shenebas went for redemption in the section final and made the most of it, defeating Morris/Edmeston 3-2 to clinch back-to-back Class D titles.

All involved said that these fights helped shape the team positively.

“The Morris-Edmeston match was an eye-opener for us. It was the first [league] It’s a game we lost in two years,” Smith said. “It was a little eye-opening to realize that kids are susceptible to something. We recognized some of the mistakes we made and tried to overcome them. A little time.” It took a while, but the third time was a charm.

Knapp said they decided to make sure the players wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes.

I think after we got a little mad. “We had to prove ourselves,” she said. They gave me.”

Hornung said Competiello and Knapp’s leadership helped the entire team in these battles.

“This is 40 years in my education, most of which I have led, and I have never seen two better leaders,” he said. “They have natural leadership. They do it in different ways, but they get the job done.”

He added that words of encouragement are more important to come from the team captain than from the coach.

“It doesn’t matter what we say or do if there are no children on board,” he said. “And it was Angie and Taylor who knew how to keep the kids focused, positive, and handle the situation with their teammates when things went wrong.”

“We talk to them a lot before practice and we talk to them during practice,” Smith added. probably because they listen to them more than older men.”

Schenevus’ season (17-3) ended in a state area for the second year in a row. This time, he suffered a disastrous loss to eventual state finalist Cincinnatus in his 3-2 overtime. But for both Competiello and Knapp, all results on the field were secondary to the bonds they formed and strengthened over the years as teammates and friends.

“I like to describe what Taylor and I have as more of a sisterhood than teammates, classmates, or even friends.” Being on the field with Taylor is second nature. I don’t even have to really think about it, I just do it.

“She’s definitely one of my best friends and a great player,” Knapp said of Competiello. “She’s really great to play with. She’s really talented. Not only is she talented on the field, she’s very smart and very kind.”

Both players credit Hornung and Smith for helping Schoenebus achieve success over the past two seasons after arriving during the COVID-shortened campaign in spring 2021.

“COVID was obviously really difficult,” Knapp said. “We had a really good season, but we didn’t make it to the championship. I think. [was important]”

“It was just what we needed when we needed it,” Competiello said. “They really helped us a lot. I appreciate them more than they know.”

Player of the Year: Angie Competiello, Sr., Schenevus/Taylor Knapp, Sr., Schenevus

Coach of the Year: Steve Hornung/Tim Smith, Skenevas, 17-3

2022 Girls Soccer All Stars

Center State Conference: Sophia Hotaling, Cooperstown. Rory Nellen, Cooperstown.Dani Simon, Cooperstown

Delaware League: Maeve Carey, Charlotte Valley. Cadence Santiago, Charlotte Valley. Marissa Legge, Hunter Tannersville. Ashley Camano, Margaretville. Olivia Suyama, Margaretville. Kimora Brown, Roxbury. Kylie DeMaio, Roxbury. Madison Coberly, South Courtright. Madison Reeves, South Courtright. Mackenzie Brown, Walton/Downsville. Emma Drumm, Wyndham Ashland Jewett.Amanda Nilsen, Wyndham Ashland Jewett

Midstate Athletic Conference: Jonna Henderson, Bainbridge Guilford. Kathy Butler, Green. Molly Cornell, Green. Hailey Fleury, Oxford. Taylor Smith, Oxford. Emma Simmons, Sydney. Kylie Figger, Unadilla Valley. Isabella Potter, Unadilla Valley. Jaiden Schrag, Unadilla Valley. Cadence York, Unadilla Valley. Avery James, Unatego. Bailey McCoy, Unatego.Kylie Mousseau, Unatego

Southern Tier Athletic Conference: Julia Joyner, Oneonta. Veronika Madej, Oneonta. Josie Scanlon, Oneonta.Grace Slesinski, Oneonta

Tri Valley League: Ali Bosk, Cherry Valley Springfield. Daphnee West, Cherry Valley-Springfield. Shannon Kingsbury, Franklin. Gaby Andrades, Lawrence. Delaney Maison, Milford. Avery Bolton, Morris/Edmeston. Gennady Cotton, Morris/Edmeston. Jess Walling, Morris/Edmeston. Hannah Wist, Morris/Edmeston. Angie Competiello, Schenevus; Lily Competiello, Schenevus; Taylor Knapp, Schenevus. Samantha Osborne, Skenebus. Rachel Burke, Sharon Springs.Sophia Adams, Worcester

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