Along Jim Calfa: Ryan Garcia says he will “get it all” in 2023, starting with a catchweight fight against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in April on Showtime PPV.

The Tank vs. Ryan fight does not have a world title as it is a match played at a catch weight of 136 pounds. Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) is currently fighting at Wright at his welterweight division.

Ryan, 24, has yet to win a world title at 140 pounds and has never fought anyone in that division.Ideally, Ryan would be up against the WBC’s 140-pound champion Regis program A native of Louisiana, not for the title he holds, but before his fight with Tank Davis.

More important than his WBC title is the recognition that Prograis is the number one fighter at light welterweight. If Ryan Garcia, promoted to Golden He Boy, can beat Pro Grace (28-1, 24 KOs) at Jerbonta in April, he’ll be set up big for a fight with Davis.

Of course, given the risks Ryan faces against Prograce, he wouldn’t dare take that fight now and risk his bag for the Tank Davis fight, but if he does, that would be great. Ryan has guts and will show fans that he doesn’t just care about money. Some feel that is the main reason why they are in such a hurry to fight tanks.

Judging by Ryan’s comments that titles don’t matter in this era, it’s unclear if he will own the belt at light welterweight. Only a few fighters are considered popular at 140 pounds today, so it probably wouldn’t be a big deal if Kingley didn’t hold the belt in the 140-pound division.

Ryan’s immediate goal is to take on famed pay-per-view star Gervonta Davis at Showtime PPV in Las Vegas in April. That fight makes both guys worthy of Fort Knox.

Indeed, it doesn’t matter if the person holding the belt won weak opposition through a clever trick of the promoter or if the belt was given to them via email.

Devin Haney is an example of a champion who has won all four belts but has not seen a significant increase in popularity. Not only is Haney dragged down by his style of tedious fighting, email and paper his champion George he defeated Kambosos Jr. to win his four titles.

If Haney had beaten Tank Davis or Vasyl Lomachenko when he held the lightweight title, he would be more popular today. Maybe, but at least he will be seen as a legitimate belt holder rather than a guy who took advantage of having a weaker belt holder to steal three titles.


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