Start your 2023 workout with a boxing workout that will make you want to do more!

Rumble Boxing North Indy is the first Rumble location in Indiana to offer boxing-inspired full-body HIIT workouts in a nightclub-like environment.

Rumble Boxing North Indy General Manager Kaelyn Mason and Rumble Boxing North Indy Head Trainer Landon Wadkins said:

○ What is a HIIT Workout + How does Rumble achieve HIIT?

  • Rumble Boxing, a boxing-inspired full-body group fitness experience, has opened for the first time in Indianapolis. ● The boutique boxing concept focuses on big energy and high intensity training, split evenly between boxing and resistance training ● Founded in 2017, Rumble is a specially designed 45-minute, Provides a 10-round, full-body strength and conditioning workout Teardrop boxing bag filled with water. ● The edgy workout also features a nightclub environment with lights tuned to custom his playlist. Rumble Boxing North Indy is owned by local entrepreneurial group Iron Dynamite Ventures. ● Kaelyn Mason is the general manager of Rumble Boxing Indy, who has over 5 years of experience running gyms in the city. ●Landon Wadkins is the head of Rumble Boxing North Indy and his trainer. He’s a personal trainer + group fitness he’s been an instructor for nearly 10 years. ● Iron Dynamite Ventures plans to expand further into the Indianapolis area in 2023.

Rumble is a group fitness concept that combines a boxing-inspired circuit with the transformative power of resistance training. Professional and amateur fighters, regardless of fitness level or skill, put the gloves on together and reveal their inner fighter. The experience is 45 minutes, 10 rounds of full-body cardio and strength training built around a specially designed water-filled, teardrop-style boxing bag. Founded in New York City in 2017, the first Indiana store opened in October 2022.

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Website: https:/ www.rumbleboxinggym.com/location/north-indy Facebook: https:/ www.facebook.com/rumbleboxingnorthindy Instagram: https:/ www.instagram.com/rumbleboxingnorthindy/


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