To the immense credit of owner Peter Seidler, the San Diego Padres have focused on building the best team possible in recent years. The most recent marquee addition is shortstop Xander his Bogaerts, who signed him to a $280 million contract with San Diego earlier this offseason. Add to that the Padres’ star quality up and down the roster, with recent notable moves like the acquisition of Manny Machado, the extension of Fernando Tatis Jr. and the trade of Yu Darvish and Juan Soto. increase.

In 2023, they could be the frontrunners to oust the familiar Dodgers in the National League West standings.

Additionally, according to Cot’s Contracts, the Padres currently have the third highest salary in all of MLB. The Padres operate in such a way that they remain viable as well as profitable. This is a source of surprise for other owners who are very eager to continue. No Trying to win a baseball game in relative peace and comfort.

The latest to televise his frustrations with the Padres and their efforts to win a World Series is Dick Montfort of the Colorado Rockies and their 16th highest salary. denver posthere’s what Montfort said about spending at the Padres and the weekend’s community events.

“It puts a lot of pressure on[us],” Montfort said. “But it’s not just the Padres, it’s the Mets, the Phillies. It’s been an interesting year.”

“I don’t agree 100% with what the Padres are doing, but I know our fans probably agree with it. We’ll see.

“I look at the Padres and they have a really talented team, but they also have some holes. They’ve got (Joe) Musgrave. (Blake) Snell and (Yu) Darvish, so I don’t know. They’ve spent a lot of money.・If you want to keep Soto, you’ll have to spend more.

The Padres’ recent practices have shifted the mask of multiple owners a bit, and it’s not hard to draw a few conclusions from this latest string of complaints. It’s that teams don’t like to spend money.2. Owner TRUE I don’t like teams like the Padres lying to market-based excuses not to spend. Third, those same owners know full well that fans want them to win baseball games.

The single biggest problem in current Major League Baseball, which is the source of many related problems, is the lack of concern for winning and viewing franchises as portfolio holdings rather than civic treasures. is the owner. Obligation. Worst of all, owners can invest in labor costs and still keep a decent profit. This is a huge revenue stream that teams enjoy in exchange for their mere existence. But too many people prefer to cash their checks and put little effort into the only thing that justifies their existence. It’s about trying to win a baseball game like the small market San Diego Padres.

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