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Of course, Starship robots sometimes need to cross roads to make deliveries. This is only done at suitable pre-mapped locations, which could be crosswalks, traffic lights, or unmarked road intersections.

We have pre-mapped all our delivery areas, so the robot knows which routes it can and cannot use.

The robot is equipped with a series of sensors and cameras that allow it to be constantly aware of its surroundings. Sensors allow the robot to follow a mapped route and detect moving objects up to 90 meters away. This means we will only cross the road if it is deemed safe, so we may wait a little longer to confirm.

However, if a vehicle, car or pedestrian is detected nearby, the situation may be assessed as dangerous and the robot will continue to wait for the right opportunity. Better to be safe than sorry.

Occasionally, the robot will start crossing, but will quickly return. please do not worry. This is normal behavior to wait for safe passage time and occurs when a car or other moving object is detected.

Not only do we want robots, pedestrians and road users to be safe at all times, we also want robots to be positive role models when it comes to crossing roads safely. .

Spaceship robot crossing at traffic lights

pedestrian crossing:

  • You do not have to wait for the robot to cross at the crosswalk, but please continue to follow all local traffic safety laws for pedestrians.

Traffic light/Pelican intersection:

  • Robots typically cross when the pedestrian light is green or deemed safe. Please continue to comply with all local traffic safety laws for pedestrians.

An unmarked intersection:

  • Do not wait for robots to cross at unmarked road intersections, but continue to follow all local traffic safety laws for pedestrians.

Thank you for embracing Starship robots in your community.

team starship x

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