Starship Robots seasonal robots now roaming US campuses and UK cities

San Francisco (October 31, 2022) — Halloween is here. That means candy, costumes, and pumpkins that walk around.If you’re scratching your head over the last one, the “pumpkin bot” does deliveries on many university campuses in the US, UK and Europe. or may have never visited his one of the cities. These orange bots are making deliveries for a limited time, courtesy of Starship Technologies, the world’s leading provider of automated delivery services.

Many sightings have already been reported, but many PumpkinBots have escaped and remain missing. Starship Technologies is offering a bounty to anyone who can find him one of the fleeing PumpkinBots and guarantee their safe return.

Pumpkinbots are an elusive breed. Unlike Ghostbusters, which cannot be specifically called out, one of them may appear with food when ordered through the Starship Food Delivery app available for iOS and Android.

Charlie Hollway, Marketing Manager at Starship Technologies, said: However, unlike all his other Starship robots, these robots cannot be tracked to the nearest inch.

Charlie added: “Jokes aside, we want people to enjoy their robots and celebrate Halloween, so Starship is offering rewards to anyone who finds one of her elusive PumpkinBots.”

“Anyone who reports a sighting in their neighborhood and shares a photo proving their discovery with the hashtag #pumpkinbot will receive a free robot delivery promo code.”

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