According to NFL Network Tom Pelissero, Indianapolis Colts In 2023, like all other NFL teams, there will be a total salary cap of $224.8 million.

The Colts have approximately $13 million in total team cap space available.and that number is expected to only go up β€” the release of veteran starting quarterback Matt Ryan could free up another $17.2 million in total available team salary cap space. It’s for

The Colts have preferred free agents that should be strongly considered for re-signing, including defensive end Yannkick Ngakoue, linebacker Bobby Okereke, wide receiver Paris Campbell, linebacker EJ Speed ​​and placekicker Chase McLaughlin.

However, about $30 million in available team salary cap space (*we’re also predicting Matt Ryan’s release here) will either help the Colts fill a key hole or two or this offseason (at least vacuum).


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