The Reds announced their infielders Mike Moustakas Released.He was recently assigned a quota when the club signed a catcher Kurt Kasari.

The fact that Moustakas was released was an expected result when he was sent to DFA’s Limbo last month. He still has a year left on his $22 million deal, and 2024 will come in the form of his $18 million salary and his $4 million club his optional buyout. , no team would take it out of Cincinnati’s hands.

Mustakas, now 34, has used his strong successes with the Royals and Brewers to sign a four-year, $64 million deal with the Reds heading into 2020. The first season on his contract went well enough as Moustakas posted .230/.331. /.468 he has a wRC+ of 105. However, his last two seasons have been disappointing. Moustakas was struggling in production on the field, battling various injuries including a bruised heel and a strained calf. He played just 62 games in 2021 and 78 in 2022, posting a combined .211/.289/.356 with a wRC+ of 73.

The Reds have recently embarked on another rebuild, focused on giving opportunities to young players who will be part of the next competitive window. Jonathan India Get the majority of playing time at second base Spencer Stair You must take an extended audition at third base. This allowed Moustakas to get out of his two main positions.He also played a little first base, but the Reds Joey Bott There and Tyler Stevenson Can also join the mix to keep his bat in the lineup Kurt Kasari When Luke Maile Responsible for catch work. Considering all this, they decided to move on with his Moustakas and try to find opportunities elsewhere.

Moustakas will now be free to sign with any team, with the rest of his salary covered by the Reds. Other clubs that have signed him only incur a prorated league minimum for time spent on the roster, and that amount is deducted from what the Reds pay. I had a similar situation with my teammate. Eric Hosmer Released from the Red Sox to join the Cubs. The Padres will still get Hosmer’s salary, making it a fairly low-risk gamble for the Cubs. Mustakas will look for similar opportunities and enter the free agent market, which also includes infielders such as: Josh Harrison, Cesar Hernandez When Brian Anderson.


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