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After record-breaking ‘Winter’ World Cup, English football returns to satisfy fans and bettors

Who chose France and Argentina as finalists for the 2022 Qatar World Cup?

If Morocco and Croatia were the two remaining semi-finalists, I have to ask a few questions about my future.

many NJ Sportsbooks Both France and Argentina offered some decent odds for making it to the finals, but the World Cup is over and dust will be scattered until 2026 (when hosted by the USA). Is the showcase event over?

Let’s be honest, the World Cup is made to be a huge event, but there are leagues around the world that resume just days after the final whistle blows in Qatar.

For example, in England, the EFL Carabao Cup will play Round of 16 on ESPN+ from Tuesday to Thursday, December 20-22. Sportsbooks already had the lineup for that tournament well before the match even took place. This will be the case for the next round of Premier League action starting on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) in USA and Peacock Plus. .

just now, Premier League Possibly the richest football league in the world, Arsenal are back in action with a five-point lead over two-time defending champions Manchester City. Twelve of England’s top 20 teams have appeared in 15 of his 38 games, and six of the top eight teams have appeared in his 14 games.

Due to the month-long pause for the World Cup, the rest of the season is packed with action, not just in England, but across Europe and many other places. Not only the league match, but also the cup match will be held.

From Boxing Day to Sunday 15th January, every day except Thursday 29th December will be played in either the Premier League, the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup.

If you recently became a football fan because of the World Cup, you’ve picked the best time ever.

Alongside leagues and domestic cups, UEFA competitionThe Champions League, Europa League and European Conference League will all resume in mid-February. I love knockout tournaments, especially the Champions League with the biggest club teams in the world.

For soccer bettors, this is basically the best you can ask to be in an important match almost every day for the three months leading up to the next international break.

Record viewership and betting numbers during the World Cup in November and December should translate well into the new year. This is great news for everyone involved.

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