Ohio State University may rank highly on various metrics. The Buckeyes are currently ranked 27th on statistical website KenPom. Also, CBS Sports’s bracket his logist, Jerry Palm, wrote that the Buckeyes are currently off the topic of the tournament.

“As another indication that the metric is not very meaningful, Ohio ranks 29th on the NET and is not considered at this time,” Palm wrote. “The Buckeyes are down 11-10 after Saturday’s loss in Indiana. It’s his seventh loss in eight games. need to do it.”

It is important to note that NET is not used as a pure ranking by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, but as a way of grouping team wins. So it doesn’t really matter that Buckeyes is NET and he’s number 29. This is because quad I in the program wins and so on.

And unfortunately in Ohio, the Buckeyes are 2-8 in that first quadrant. The Buckeyes are 3-1 there), it hurts not to win more in quad 1. The Buckeyes win is quad 4 and that Ohio State is losing quad 4.

More simply put, Ohio State needs wins, and some of them need to be quality wins. His next five games for the Buckeyes are road games at home in Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan State, Michigan and Iowa. This brings Ohio State into the road game at Purdue.

If they find a way to go 4-1, or somehow 5-0 in those five games, the Ohio State tournament case could return. But at 3-2 or 2-3, the Buckeyes may not build enough foundation to emerge as a legitimate candidate to join the dance.

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“You know, I think Zedd (Kee) has to keep growing in that field,” said Ohio coach Chris Holtman Said. “He has to keep improving. I don’t want to come off like Zedd needs to grow, he just needs to grow in that area. He needs to grow in the leadership area. That’s for him. It’s new, Sean[McNeil]I think you need to hear them, leadership is something that happens behind the scenes, you don’t really see it every day, they’re rockers at this time The issues they deal with in the room, their commitment to being the man every day, their commitment to the team, those guys are focused on improving in those areas.”


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